Is Teeth Whitening Effective for Discolored Teeth?

Is Teeth Whitening Effective for Discolored Teeth?

Having yellow, stained, or discolored teeth can be quite embarrassing which may lower your self-esteem. It negatively impacts your smile. But thankfully, there are several aesthetic procedures that help to treat your discolored teeth and enhance your smile.

Teeth whitening is a revolutionary procedure in dental practice that can provide instant results without sensitivity. With the advent of the latest technology. Dr. Marvin Taylor offers advanced whitening treatment which gives reliable and long-lasting results.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, refers to a variety of processes that aim to make your natural teeth appear brighter and whiter. It is a quick, non-invasive, and affordable way to enhance your smile.

It may not completely change the color of your teeth but makes it them lighter and brighter.

Why is teeth whitening recommended?

Your teeth may lose their natural color and luster as you age. This could occur for multiple reasons:

  • Genetics
    • Having a thin enamel genetically can expose the darker dentin layer underneath, giving a brownish appearance to the teeth.
  • Age
    • As you age your enamel naturally thins exposing the darker dentin underneath.
  • Food and drinks
    • Foods (like red pasta sauce, soya sauce, citrus fruits, and berries), and drinks like tea, coffee, soda, and red wine) cause stains on your teeth.
  • Tobacco
    • The nicotine and tar in tobacco products such as cigarettes can cause brown yellowish discoloration.
  • Medications
    • Medications like antibiotics and chemotherapy can alter the color of your teeth.

What are the types of teeth whitening?

There are two types of teeth whitening procedures, namely:

  • ZOOM teeth whitening
    • This is a traditional method.
    • Here hydrogen peroxide and accelerated light therapy are used to remove the stains.
    • It is beneficial to you if you want to whiten your teeth in the shortest amount of time.
    • This gives you a smile up to 8 shades brighter.
  • EPIC teeth whitening
    • This is a laser teeth whitening treatment.
    • It is beneficial if you have sensitive teeth or gums.
    • A bleaching solution applied to the teeth is activated by the light emitted from the laser beam. This accelerates the whitening reaction and the color change can be achieved more quickly.
    • Laser teeth whitening technology can give you a 12 times brighter smile.


Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure to brighten your dull and discolored teeth when performed by a skilled dental specialist. It enhances your smile and overall appearance.

However, it is not a permanent solution to discoloration and requires maintenance for a prolonged period of time.


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