The Reproductive System

Without hormones, the whole intricate network of our beings would cease to exist, not just sexually and reproductively but in a more widely functioning sense. As hormones surge through the bloodstream, they continuously send vital instructions to all parts of the body. In fact, the word hormone, describing this active and constant transmission, comes from the Greek word meaning “to excite.”

We all seem to know about testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone — hormones that have a particular influence over our reproductive systems. But there are many more hormones — fifty located by science so far —  influencing many aspects of our metabolism (see chapter 8).

Women have a very complex reproductive system. Consequently, a great deal of their daily energy is drawn toward its functioning and upkeep, from monthly menstruation to childbirth, breastfeeding, and menopause. The end result is that women are statistically three times more communally vulnerable than men are. They constantly need to tend their bodies in a way that is not so vital for men.

Men and women store hormones, semen, and other vital essences needed not only for their sexual and reproductive lives but also for general vitality and strength, especially of their immune systems. Therefore the hormones — and the body as a whole — must be nourished and rested accordingly. nutrition Avoid foods that contain synthetic hormones and steroids, such as dairy products and meat.

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It also helps to avoid fast foods wrapped in plastics body systems 167 that contain synthetic hormones. Stop or drastically reduce your tea and coffee intake, because they disrupt hormone regulation. Eat a generally diverse, wholesome, and, if possible, organic diet. For more detailed dietary advice, refer to chapter 4

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