Trending Black Salwar Suit Set for Women to Rock the Party

Black is a regal colour that offers a classic and timeless appeal perfect to rock a party. A classic black salwar suit that guarantees a stylish and impactful look for any celebration. From intricate Gotapatti salwar suits to handpainted designs there are a plethora of designs to choose from. From intricate handpainted designs to hand-block prints that exude traditional charm. In this article, we will discuss the trendy black salwar suit designs that will help you to rock any party.

Indian Women Wearing Aranya Handblock Gotapatti Sharara Set

5 Trendy Black Salwar Suit Set for Party

Black salwar suit sets have always been a classic choice, and they continue to remain a trendy option for parties. Black exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a versatile colour that can be styled in various ways. We have discussed the five trendy black salwar suit sets that will help you to rock a party.

1. Black Handpainted Salwar Suit

This trendy black salwar suit features intricate handpainted designs on the fabric, adding a touch of artistic elegance. A black handpainted anarkali suit has the required flare that makes it eye-catching and stands you distinct in the crowd. A black hand-painted salwar suit is perfect for a formal evening or a party.

2. Black Handblock Salwar Suit

The black hand-block salwar suit showcases traditional block printing techniques. The hand-block designs create a distinctive and charming appeal, perfect for a partywear look. The intricate patterns and motifs add depth and texture, making it a stylish and fashionable choice.

3. Black Sharara Suit

The black Sharara suit is a modern and glamorous option for parties. It consists of a flared and pleated bottom, giving it a fashionable and trendy silhouette. The black colour adds sophistication, while the sharara style adds drama and movement to your party ensemble.

4. Black Velvet Salwar Suit

The black velvet salwar suit exudes luxury and opulence as it can be styled for any party. The soft and plush velvet fabric helps to add a regal touch which makes it ideal for formal evenings. The rich black coloured velvet suit has a lustrous texture which works great when paired with a net dupatta.

5. Black Gotapatti Salwar Suit

The black Gota Patti salwar suit highlights the beauty of the intricate Gota Patti embroidery. You can create a striking contrast with beautiful silver or golden thread work making it a statement piece for parties. The Gota Patti detailing is best for a contemporary and stylish appeal

Indian Women Wearing Leather Black Handpainted Suit Set

Accessories to Pair with Black Salwar Suit Set

Accessories are best to pair with a black salwar suit set as it creates visual interest and balance within the ensemble. Choosing the right accessories also helps to elevate the style quotient and make the dress more appealing. Here are some major accessories that should be paired with a black salwar suit:

  • You should opt for bold and eye-catching statement earrings that help to highlight the facial features well. You can opt for bold and eye-catching statement earrings that complement the salwar suit styles. You can go for chandelier earrings, jhumkas, or hoop earrings. Gold or silver tones can add a touch of elegance and glamour
  • Pair your black salwar suit set with a stylish and embellished clutch or potli bag. You can look out for intricate embroidery, sequins, or beadwork that brings out the beauty of the salwar suit and make it a functional piece
  • You can add some sparkle to your dress by choosing the right pair of bangles and bracelets. Silver oxidised jewellery works great with a black salwar suit. You can mix and match jewellery pieces to create a trendy vibe
  • You can choose embroidered dupatta or a printed one to add more visual interest to the salwar suit set. Look for designs that make the ensemble more textured and enhance the overall style
  • For a dressy and elegant look, opt for ankle strap heels in a metallic shade or black. If you prefer a more comfortable option, consider embellished flats or juttis with intricate embroidery or beadwork

In conclusion, black salwar suit sets continue to be a timeless and versatile choice for partywear. You get to choose from a lot of options like handpainted, hand block, sharara, velvet, and Gota patti designs to make a style. Visit Aachho for an extensive collection of black salwar suit sets that will help you make a stylish and memorable statement at any party.


  1. Can I wear silver jewellery with a black salwar suit set?
  2. Absolutely! Silver jewellery pairs beautifully with black salwar suit sets. The contrast between the black fabric and the silver tones creates a stylish and elegant look.
  3. What type of footwear goes well with a black salwar suit set?
  4. For a formal or dressy look, ankle strap heels in black or metallic shades are a great choice. If you prefer comfort, embellished flats or juttis with intricate embroidery work well with a black salwar suit set.
  5. What are the trendy black salwar suit designs?
  6. Black handpainted salwar suit, black sharara suit, and black Gota patti salwar suit are some trendy salwar suit designs to choose from.
  7. What accessories should be styled with a black salwar suit?
  8. Oxidised silver jewellery works best when styled with a black salwar suit.
  9. How to style a black Sharara suit?
  10. You can style a black sharara suit using oxidised silver jewellery and raw footwear style.


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