What is the Best Age for Dental Implants?

Many individuals have permanent teeth that do not form properly, leaving a gap where the tooth should be. Wisdom teeth are the most commonly missing teeth; their absence is a gift! The upper lateral adjacent to the central is the most often congenitally absent tooth. When these teeth are gone, it is typically a major cosmetic issue. The parents of these patients regularly inquire about the optimal age for a dental implant. The most typical response is 18, which can lead to many issues later in life. To learn more about hollywood implants, consult a dentist today. 

Is there any best age for dental implants?

According to conventional wisdom, implants can be inserted as soon as the development process is complete, which is around the ages of 16 for girls and 18 for males. Furthermore, most dentists learned in dentistry school that crowns should not be placed on patients under 18. Thus many patients are advised that 18 is the ideal age for an implant crown. However, jaw bones expand, and teeth shift during a lifetime. Look at old men’s ears and noses to discover that jaw bones are not the only ones!

It is crucial to remember that implants do not migrate with the rest of the teeth and bone in the jaw; instead, they are held in situ. Posterior teeth tend to move horizontally toward the front of the mouth. Many posterior implant crowns develop gaps on either side when natural teeth shift. This can be aggravating, yet many patients are unaware that it has occurred. Upper anterior teeth and bone, on the other hand, tend to move vertically, down, and away from the nose. Once the surrounding teeth and bone have drifted downhill, an implant crown replacing one of these teeth will seem short and submerged. It is difficult for a patient not to notice when this happens.

Little can be done to prevent anterior implants from gradually submerging throughout adulthood. The rate of submersion, however, changes with age. According to one study, the risk of submersion is nearly four times higher before the age of 30. After age 30, the implant crown seems to sink at 0.27% of its length per year, which is barely discernible. Another research found that at the age of 30, tooth and bone height difference is insignificant, as would be expected with such a low incidence of submersion.

So, what is the appropriate age for a dental implant? It depends on the patient. However, many people should avoid having anterior implants placed before age 18. According to the research, some people will attain the optimum long-term esthetics if they wait until they are 25 or 30. 


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