Job Hunt Strategies: Utilizing Online Platforms for Finding Jobs in Kolkata 

Are you looking for jobs in Kolkata? In the olden times, job searches in Kolkata were all about looking for jobs through word of mouth, and print media. But, with the way social platforms have grown, processes like hiring, job searches, and, shortlisting have become quicker. 

Did you know that 54% of employers admit to rejecting a candidate because of negative social media profiles? If you are a job hunter tired of scrolling the offline options, and no reverts after the initial interview rounds, we’ve got your back! In this article, you’ll learn about the best ways to find jobs of your choice, in your city.

Top Job Hunt Strategies in Kolkata Using Online Platforms:

Kolkata is booming with employment prospects but finding your ideal job can be a hassle sometimes. So, let’s look at the top job search strategies and tips to find the best jobs in Kolkata:

  1. Craft a Compelling Resume and Cover Letter: Your resume and cover letter act as your first impressions for potential employers. Ensure your resume is concise and highlights your achievements, skills, and relevant experience. Customize your cover letter for each job application to address the specific requirements of the position. Use professional language and mention any key projects or roles that align with the job you’re applying for.
  2. Leverage Your Network: Attend industry meetups, seminars, and workshops to connect with professionals in your field. Don’t hesitate to reach out to former colleagues, alumni groups, and professionals on platforms like Internshala, Linkedin, etc. A strong recommendation from a connection can often make a big difference.
  3. Practice Your Interview Skills: Effective interview skills can set you apart from other candidates. Practice common interview questions and frame your responses to highlight your accomplishments and expertise. Conduct mock interviews with friends or mentors to gain confidence. Understanding body language and proper etiquette is also crucial for making a good impression.
  4. Establish an Online Presence: Create and maintain polished profiles on professional networks. Ensure your social media accounts reflect a professional image. Participate in relevant forums and blogs to showcase your expertise and commitment to your profession.
  5. Embrace Continuous Learning: The job market is constantly evolving, and continuous learning can help you stay competitive. Pursue relevant courses, certifications, and workshops to enhance your knowledge. Platforms like Internshala offer various programs and courses that can be beneficial for career advancement in India.
  6. Seek Feedback After Interviews: After each interview, seek feedback from the interviewer to understand your strengths and areas for improvement. This insight can be invaluable for future interviews. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, use it constructively to refine your approach and enhance your chances in subsequent opportunities.
  7. Consider Temporary or Contract Work: Temporary or contract jobs can be a gateway to permanent opportunities, especially in a competitive job market. These positions can help you build your resume, gain experience, and make connections within your industry. Many companies in India are open to contract arrangements as a means to evaluate potential long-term hires.
  8. Target Your Job Search: Instead of applying to every job, tailor your job search to positions that match your skills and career aspirations. Use job search engines with filters to narrow down your search to specific industries, roles, and locations in India. This focused approach can improve your chances of finding a job that suits your qualifications and interests.
  9. Profile Building: A global survey was conducted to understand the aspects related to the decisions taken by hiring professionals in North America. The study concluded that out of the total respondents, 58% regarded social media and their profiles as a source for quality hires. Hence, your social profile matters while finding jobs in Kolkata and other cities. It would help if you began by highlighting your work, achievements, skills, expertise, and previous experience. 


Looking for jobs has become easier with the availability of job-seekers and employers on platforms like Internshala. The best way to find jobs in Kolkata is by working on your online presence and taking steps that can be an asset for your professional profile buildup. Also, you can follow the employment trends to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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