Sungrow’s Energy Storage Solutions for Efficient Power Generation

Sungrow offers a comprehensive portfolio of inversores solares and armazenamento de energia systems, catering to the needs of clean and sustainable energy installations across various sectors. Their advanced armazenamento de energia systems play a crucial role in efficiently managing and utilizing energy, complementing their leading inversores solares.

Comprehensive Portfolio for Clean Energy Installations

With Sungrow’s solutions, residential, commercial, and utility-scale installations can benefit from seamless integration and optimized armazenamento de energia, leading to efficient power generation and consumption. The company’s commitment to providing a holistic experience is evident in their comprehensive range of solutions dedicated to supporting the operation and maintenance of these components.

Introducing Sungrow’s New Product Line: CX and SG250HX

Sungrow’s new product line introduces the CX and SG250HX inverters, designed to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. The CX line features 9 maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) with an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.7%. This technology ensures that solar panels can harvest energy at their maximum potential, enhancing the overall armazenamento de energia capabilities.

The CX line also offers an optional PID recovery function, enabling the inverter to recover from potential-induced degradation and maintain optimal efficiency. With IP66 protection, the inverters are well-protected against dust and water, making them suitable for various environmental conditions. The remote firmware update and touch-free commissioning capabilities further simplify the installation and maintenance process, providing convenience and flexibility.

In the SG250HX inverter, Sungrow takes efficiency to the next level with 12 MPPTs and a remarkable maximum efficiency of 99%. This product is designed to be compatible with bifacial modules, maximizing energy yield. The anti-PID and PID recovery functions ensure long-term performance and system reliability. Remote firmware update and commissioning capabilities allow for seamless updates and configuration adjustments.

The CX-P2-LV Line: Practical and High-Performing Solutions

Sungrow’s CX-P2-LV line offers practical and high-performing three-phase 220V inverters with nominal powers ranging from 15kW to 25kW. These inverters prioritize safety and robustness, featuring type I+II DC surge protection, type II AC surge protection, IP66 protection, and anti-corrosion grade C5. These features ensure the longevity and durability of the inverters, even in challenging environments.

The CX-P2-LV line is equipped with intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities, including network fault logging and smart IV curve diagnosis. These features allow for proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and protection of key components, ensuring the efficient and hassle-free operation of the armazenamento de energia system.


Sungrow’s armazenamento de energia solutions offer a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance power generation efficiency and facilitate the seamless integration of renewable energy sources. With their advanced features, such as multiple MPPTs, compatibility with bifacial modules, PID recovery functions, and robust protection mechanisms, Sungrow’s inverters provide reliable and efficient armazenamento de energia solutions. By incorporating Sungrow’s armazenamento de energia systems into clean energy installations, users can optimize power generation and consumption, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. The company’s commitment to comprehensive solutions and excellent customer support ensures a seamless experience throughout the operation and maintenance of these components. Embrace the power of Sungrow’s armazenamento de energia solutions and contribute to a sustainable and efficient future.

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