Natural Healing Methods

Natural Healing Methods

These various methods will support or radically promote the healing process. Bodywork skin brushing is the most effective technique for cleansing the lymphatic system by physically stimulating it. It also stimulates the bloodstream and is excellent for poor circulation.

It gives you a refreshed, uplifted feeling on completion and makes you feel alive and energized. It takes no longer than five minutes, so don’t skimp and try to do it in less— it can be done while running the bathwater.

Use a skin brush made from natural vegetable bristles (nylon or animal bristles will be too rough and will damage the skin), with a long but detachable handle, so that you can reach your back if you are ordinarily unable to do so.

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Always keep it dry and strictly for his job, washing it in warm, soapy water every so often. Do not touch the face. Make bold movements, passing only once over each part of the body in a sweeping motion: • Start by brushing the soles of the feet.

Work up each leg, over the buttocks, avoiding the genitals, and up to the middle of the back. Start at the fingertips and brush up the arms, through the armpits, across the shoulders, down the chest, and over the top of the back. Brush down the chest toward the colon.

On reaching the area below the navel, use brush movements starting on the right-hand side, going up, across, and down, following the shape of the colon.

Women should brush their breasts (it helps guard against lumps) but avoid the nipples, covering them with the fingertips. Basically, you work toward the heart and then bring all toxins toward the colon.


The face should never be skin brushed in this way, as this treatment is too harsh for it. Wet exfoliation, especially in grimy towns and cities, is a good alternative that should be done as part of your daily washing routine. Use a lotion containing oatmeal and abrasive particles like sand, adzuki beans, silica, or pumice. One treatment a day is quite enough for the face, preferably at the end of the day to remove grime, grease, and other resi[1]dues

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