JINPENG Company’s Trailblazing Role in New Energy Vehicles

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., the world’s outstanding new energy vehicles  manufacturer, is pioneering the transformation of the automotive industry with its relentless commitment to research, development, production, and sales of electric vehicles.


 Leading the Electric Revolution

JINPENG Company’s electric tricycles have redefined urban transportation, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional vehicles. Their impact on reducing emissions and alleviating traffic congestion is undeniable.

Enhanced Pride and Ownership

Riders feel confident navigating their communities on JINPENG’s high-performing and stylish tricycles. The tricycles invoke positive reactions from others and give riders a sense of pride. Their excellent functionality promotes a strong sense of ownership.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

With commitments to quality, innovation and sustainability, JINPENG is the premier global electric tricycle manufacturer. Their tricycles provide eco-friendly, efficient and economical transportation. Customers consistently rank JINPENG products as top quality.

Leading the Future of Transportation

As the largest producer of electric tricycles, JINPENG is leading the future of sustainable transportation. Their investment in research, development and distribution allows them to transform mobility worldwide with their cutting-edge tricycles.


As the world gravitates towards sustainable transportation solutions, JINPENG Company’s trailblazing efforts, rich history of innovation, and global outreach position it as a vanguard in the new energy vehicle industry. With JINPENG at the helm, the future promises reduced emissions, enhanced mobility, and a cleaner planet.


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