Winner Medical’s High Exudate Wound Dressing: Revolutionizing Advanced Wound Care Solutions

Winner Medical introduces a breakthrough in wound care with its high exudate wound dressing, a super absorbent dressing designed for moderate to heavily exudating wounds. The unique multilayer construction sets this dressing apart, ensuring optimal performance and unparalleled care for challenging wound conditions. Let’s delve into the layers that make Winner Medical’s dressing a cutting-edge solution in advanced wound care.

How Winner Medical’s Dressing Manages Exudate Effectively

Winner Medical’s high exudate wound dressing operates like a symphony of layers, each playing a crucial role in managing wound exudate. The contact layer, designed to transmit fluid upwards, prevents adherence to the wound site, enhancing comfort during dressing changes. The distribution layer, with rapid fluid uptake capabilities, ensures even distribution into the absorbent core. The central absorbent core, enriched with SAP polymer, achieves outstanding absorption and retention, mitigating the challenges posed by heavily exudating wounds.

A Dual Action Backing for Enhanced Wound Care

The fluid-repellent backing layer of Winner Medical’s high exudate wound dressing serves a dual purpose that enhances its effectiveness. Acting as a barrier, this layer minimizes fluid strike-through, reducing the risk of maceration. Simultaneously, its vapour permeable qualities improve breathability, contributing to optimal exudate management. This dual-action backing not only ensures the retention of wound exudate within the dressing but also fosters an environment that promotes the healing process.

How Winner Medical’s Dressing Minimizes Maceration Risk

Winner Medical’s Super Absorbent Dressing goes beyond simple absorption; it actively works to minimize the risk of maceration. By efficiently absorbing wound exudate through the contact layer, retaining it within the absorbent core, and preventing strike-through with the fluid-repellent backing, this dressing offers a comprehensive solution. Healthcare professionals can rely on Winner Medical’s high exudate wound dressing for advanced wound care that prioritizes both absorption efficiency and prevention of maceration.


In conclusion, Winner Medical’s high exudate wound dressing stands at the forefront of advanced wound care solutions, utilizing a multilayer approach to effectively manage exudate. From transmission to distribution, absorption, and prevention of maceration, each layer plays a vital role in promoting optimal wound healing conditions. Choose Winner Medical for a revolutionary dressing that addresses the complexities of moderate to heavily exudating wounds with precision and innovation.


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