What is the psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy's mode of operation?

What is the psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy’s mode of operation?

In 2019, Denver became the first American city to decriminalize the use of “magic” mushrooms for individual use. The availability of psilocybin and psilocybe treatment in Colorado is currently a topic of much interest.

The essential component in these mushrooms is psilocybin, and growing research has shown that psychedelic drugs like psilocybin, Ketamine, and MDMA can help people with anxiety, sadness, PTSD, and even addiction. Since psilocybin has been made legal in Denver, anyone over the age of 21 may grow or own mushrooms, but sharing or selling them is still prohibited.

Psilocybin has been tested for usage in therapeutic settings, much like way ketamine is presently, with hopeful results. Johns Hopkins University researchers found that psilocybin greatly lessened the symptoms of anxiety and hopelessness in cancer patients.

According to their research, psilocybin can be highly effective in aiding people in quitting smoking and in becoming “unstuck” so that they can liberate themselves from destructive habits and addictions.

Up to 80% of cancer patients who underwent psilocybin-assisted therapy had persistent improvement in their melancholy and anxiety six months after treatment, according to a different New York University study.

The majority of study participants reported that their experiences with psilocybin therapy colorado were transformative and that their levels of anxiety and depression decreased almost right away.

Psilocybin is not officially authorized for use in therapy in Colorado, despite the fact that patients with life-threatening disorders can still access it according to Right to Try laws, despite the fact that these studies, like those on MDMA-assisted therapy, are very promising.

By providing “trip sitting” or psychedelic guiding services, some therapists in Denver are endangering their professional licenses while illegally providing psilocybin-assisted therapy to patients.

Most licensed therapists do not provide services in which you pay for someone to watch you while on a psychedelic trip because anyone can provide those services. As a result, we will be among the first therapy offices in Denver to employ it as a treatment once it is authorized for use in therapy.

For those seeking treatment for treatment-resistant conditions sooner because psilocybin-assisted therapy isn’t yet available, including depression and trauma, we can connect you with qualified medical professionals who can help you build your path to healing and long-lasting change with psychedelic-assisted therapy.

How Psilocybin Can Aid in Mind-Changing

One innovative and promising method for using psychedelics to enhance people’s mental health is psilocybin-assisted therapy. Although psilocybin-assisted therapy is not presently accessible in Colorado, it is rapidly approaching approval in the country.

When will psilocybin-assisted therapy be acceptable?

In 2018, the FDA recognized psilocybin as a “breakthrough therapy” for depression that was resistant to treatment.

It may take years before psilocybin is federally approved for use in therapy, despite the fact that clinical trials are being conducted to determine how and whether it can be used for treatment in the United States.

For terminally ill patients who have used all of their government-approved options yet are unable to enroll in a clinical trial to obtain treatments, the federal Right to Try legislation provides exceptions.

Our therapists are now providing another type of psychedelic-assisted therapy to anyone looking for alternative treatment options after the legalization of ketamine-assisted therapy in Colorado and the United States.

What therapeutic purposes could psilocybin or psilocybe be used for?

Research on psilocybin-assisted therapy has so far centered on a few important subjects and groups:

  • life-threatening, terminal, or end-of-life conditions
  • Fear and Depression
  • PTSD Dependence

What potential risks are there with psilocybin-assisted therapy?

A “bad trip” can happen to someone who uses psilocybin, in addition to the obvious risk posed by therapists who use it as part of therapy. People may feel more worried, anxious, perplexed, and even panicked as a result. The way that different people respond to psilocybin can be very different.

Patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental diseases can also experience psychotic symptoms when using psilocybin. According to continuing research, these risks and difficulties are probably a factor in why psilocybin is not yet accepted as a legitimate therapeutic agent.

The Benefits of Psilocybin Treatment

In accordance with studies12, “psilocybin is reported to result in significant changes in brain dynamics and functional connectivity (FC) between areas of the brain.” This may help to explain why its use has produced such notable results and why they have endured longer than those of other types of therapy.

The benefits of psilocybin therapy include the following, per the several research listed in this article:

  • Rates of depression have dropped.
  • Remission from chronic depression is beginning.
  • Decreased anxiety mood improvement Less anxiety about the future increased connection and spirituality
  • Enhanced standard of living


No medicine is a panacea, and some patients will always respond to a given treatment differently than others.

The research included in this article show that about two thirds of people who try psilocybin therapy report strong positive effects that last. This comprises groups with conditions that have so far defied therapy.


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