Do you need an Amazon Magnetic Screen Door: 7 Things to Consider

Are you considering investing in an amazon magnetic screen door to add to your home? You might have noticed that their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years with many people around the world adding them to their homes. They’re very popular additions to homes where people often host cookouts or outdoor parties. Not sure if this is the home improvement product for you? Read on to discover whether or not you’d benefit from installing an Amazon magnetic screen door:

Size of doorway

First things first, take a quick measurement of your doorway. This is a quick way to decide if you’ll benefit from a magnetic screen door or not. Many magnetic screen doors on Amazon fit doorways with the measurement 38 inches by 32 inches. If your door is larger than that, you won’t be able to reap the rewards of a magnetic screen mesh door. However, if your doorway is larger, you can still use the product, it just won’t look as tailored as it would on a doorway that measures 38×32.

Your local climate

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather events like blizzards, thunderstorms or extreme heat, the Amazon magnetic screen door likely isn’t for you. However, those that live in moderate climates with plenty of days where you want to let the fresh air in will absolutely adore life with the Amazon magnetic screen door. A popular way that people use these screen doors with magnets is buy buying two and installing one at the front of their house and one at the back of their house. Then, they open those two door ways and allow an enchanting crossbreeze to travel through their home and freshen up the air.

Need your hands free?

If you’re busy cooking dinner on the grill, you know how frustrating it can be walking inside and outside with your hands full of cooking supplies. However, with the magnetic screen door you can easily pass through the door from your kitchen to your grill even when your hands are full! No more taking unnecessary trips just so you can have one hand free to open and close a door. This is also great for new parents who are constantly holding their child or bringing in bulky toys from their yard.

Take in the views

If you just can’t get enough of your amazing landscaping in your backyard or you’re lucky enough to have an incredible city or ocean view from your home, make the most of it with the magnetic screen door from Amazon. Keep your doors wide open to let in pure sunlight and bask in the wonderful views that you’re lucky enough to call home. If you live on the beach, enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the sand as you unwind after a long day of work or play. If you’re in the mountains, revel in the beauty of your native birds singing their unique songs. No matter where you are, make the most of your views with a magnetic screen door.

Make it built to last

Ensuring that the magnetic screen door you decide to buy is made to last is key. Don’t settle for something cheaply made that seems like it will only last one season. A good thing to look for when seeing if one is quality or not is if it has reinforced edges and uses metal thumbtacks. Anything else is not acceptable and is not worth your hard earned money. Also, consider a screen door that is seemingly easy to install and take down, especially if the weather in your hometown can get extreme. This way you can preserve the lifetime of your magnetic screen door and make the most of what you paid for.

Helps when training dogs

If you’re training a dog or puppy, you’ll absolutely love using a magnetic screen door to your advantage. They can significantly reduce your dog’s number of accidents in the house and will make potty training a breeze. Dog trainers say that puppies that have consistent access to the outdoors are much more receptive to housebreaking training. This leads to less time training and more time playing fetch and snuggling on the couch.

Easy addition to your home

Magnetic screen doors are becoming wildly popular for many reasons. Perhaps the most prominent are their simplicity and seemingly endless list of benefits. If you enjoy fresh air coursing through your home, adding a magnetic screen door can make that happen for you. Need more natural light or feel as though you’re missing out on the view you’ve paid for? A screen door with magnets can help. The great thing about so many different magnetic screen doors on the market is that they super simple to set up so you can easily enjoy the benefits.

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