Unleashing the Power of Translucent Zirconia: Introducing De Corematrix ST Blocks

Translucent zirconia has become a game-changer in the realm of dental restorations, offering a remarkable combination of aesthetics and strength. Dental professionals are constantly seeking materials that can deliver natural-looking results while ensuring durability and longevity. De Corematrix ST blocks have emerged as a leading solution, providing exceptional translucent zirconia products that meet and exceed the demands of modern dentistry.

Unveiling Advanced Microstructure Characterization

De Corematrix utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure the development and quality control of their ST blocks. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is employed to characterize the microstructure of the blocks. This advanced technique allows for a thorough examination of the material’s internal composition, aiding in the refinement and enhancement of the product. By leveraging SEM technology, De Corematrix ensures the optimal microstructure of their translucent zirconia blocks.

Uncompromising Strength and Durability

While aesthetics are crucial, the strength and durability of dental restorations should never be compromised. De Corematrix’s translucent zirconia solution excels in this regard. The ST blocks boast exceptional bending strength and resilience, with a minimum of 1200 MPa. This ensures that the restorations can withstand the daily functional stresses of the oral cavity, reducing the risk of fractures or failures. Real-life cases demonstrate the longevity and reliability of De Corematrix’s translucent zirconia, providing peace of mind for both dental professionals and their patients.


De Corematrix ST blocks offer an unrivaled solution for dental restorations, harnessing the power of translucent zirconia to deliver outstanding aesthetics, strength, and durability. Through advanced microstructure characterization using SEM technology and meticulous quality control, De Corematrix ensures that their translucent zirconia blocks meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. If searching for wholesale durable dental zirconia blocks, click here to learn more!


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