The Urinary System

The Urinary System

The kidneys constantly regulate, distribute, sort, and filter matter. Without this ability, the body cannot survive for long — it will become poisoned. To do this job properly, large amounts of water are required in a body that is itself composed of 70 percent water, at least two quarts a day to prevent dehydration.

The kidneys also maintain the pH balance within the bloodstream. With an adequate intake of fluids, a more alkaline state will prevail, which is the base of all good health.

In addition, the kidneys have quite a number of hormonal functions. They help to process calcium and magnesium. In women, this is done in connection with estrogen. The kidneys also help produce an enzyme called renin that is vital for regulating blood pressure.

Weak kidneys can sometimes be the root cause of blood pressure imbalances. nutrition Too little salt can be as harmful to the kidneys as too much is (excessive sodium causes the body to store too much water). Choose and use a variety of salts, from rock salt to sea salt. Consume two to four quarts of water daily, according to your size and body weight.

Drinking water, any water, is vital. Tap water is the least advisable, but even that — with all its nitrates, chlorine, and so on — is better than no water. Better is bottled spring water or filtered water.

Last Word

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj is an excellent book on the subject (see also chapter 4). Keep the urinary system healthy via simple supportive and detoxification methods in order to deflect cystitis, water retention, and other problems.

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