The Perfect Harmony of Maternal and Fetal Monitoring: Introducing Edan’s Advanced Maternal Fetal Monitor

Unlocking a new level of precision and care, Edan presents its state-of-the-art Maternal Fetal Monitor, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the monitoring experience for both mothers and their unborn babies. With simultaneous TOCO-MHR detection, a reusable electrode for maternal heart rate measurement, and a host of innovative features, this monitor ensures enhanced comfort, safety, and accurate monitoring throughout the pregnancy journey.

Uniting Maternal and Fetal Parameters: Simultaneous TOCO-MHR Detection

Edan’s Maternal Fetal Monitor takes monitoring to new heights with its simultaneous TOCO-MHR detection. By capturing uterine contractions (TOCO) and maternal heart rate (MHR) simultaneously, healthcare professionals gain comprehensive insight into both maternal and fetal wellbeing. This synchronized monitoring empowers medical teams to make timely interventions when necessary, ensuring the highest level of care for expectant mothers and their precious babies.

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience: Reusable Electrode for Maternal Heart Rate

At Edan, they recognize the importance of comfort during the monitoring process. Their Maternal Fetal Monitor features a reusable electrode for measuring maternal heart rate, eliminating the discomfort associated with adhesive electrodes. This innovative solution not only provides accurate heart rate measurements but also enhances the overall comfort for mothers, allowing them to focus on the joy of pregnancy while ensuring continuous and reliable monitoring.

Seamless Data Continuity: 15-Minute Backup Memory

Edan’s commitment to uninterrupted monitoring is exemplified by the 15-minute backup memory feature of their Maternal Fetal Monitor. In the event of temporary disconnection, the monitor intelligently saves offline data within a 15-minute window. This invaluable backup ensures that no critical information is lost, offering peace of mind to healthcare professionals and maintaining a comprehensive record of fetal wellbeing. Upon reconnection, the offline data seamlessly integrates with the monitor, providing a seamless monitoring experience.


In conclusion, Edan’s Advanced Maternal Fetal Monitor harmonizes the monitoring of maternal and fetal parameters with unrivaled precision and care. With features such as simultaneous TOCO-MHR detection, a reusable electrode for maternal heart rate measurement, and a 15-minute backup memory, this monitor sets a new standard in comfort, safety, and accuracy. Experience the transformative power of Edan’s Maternal Fetal Monitor as it redefines the monitoring journey, ensuring the wellbeing of both mothers and their precious babies throughout pregnancy.


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