Signs of a Hernia -How to Determine If You Have One

Signs of a Hernia -How to Determine If You Have One

Surgical treatment is an option for nearly all cases of hernia. A hernia Dallas expert discusses hernia symptoms, the most frequent forms, treatment options, and post-operative care for both men and women.

What is a hernia, exactly?

Muscles and other dense tissue cover your abdominal cavity, allowing you to move and shield your vital organs. When there is a tear in this muscle, abdominal contents might protrude through the opening, a condition known as a hernia. The belly and groin are the most prevalent locations for hernias.

What does it feel like to have a hernia in your stomach or abdomen (ventral)?

When a person has a ventral hernia, the weakened muscle tissue between the belly button and the diaphragm protrudes through the abdominal wall, creating a protrusion that can be felt or seen. Patients experiencing ventral hernias typically complain of minor pain, aching, or pressure at the hernia site. When pressure is applied to my stomach, such as when carrying something heavy, running, or stooping over to poop, a sharp increase in pain is experienced, and a bulge may be present without any pain being experienced by certain patients.

What are the symptoms of a groin (inguinal) hernia, and how may you diagnose one?

First, you need to know that inguinal hernias can happen to either men or women. A common misconception is that only men are susceptible to these, which is partially true. Inguinal hernias, however, are not exclusive to men.

Women’s symptoms generally differ from men’s, so many doctors believe the ailment goes undiagnosed in women. Some women may not even have a belly. An MRI can give conclusive evidence of a hernia if your doctor is uncertain about the diagnosis based on your symptoms alone.

Male Symptoms

  • A noticeable or palpable bump
  • Ache in the affected area
  • A tense sensation
  • A pulling feeling in the scrotum, close to the testicles.
  • Pressure-induced pain, such as that experienced during hard lifting, pushing, or straining, is referred to as “pressure pain.”

Women Symptoms

  • Pain that aches or stabs
  • Pain that burns
  • A protrusion at the hernia location, albeit a groin hernia, may not have this symptom
  • Pain that gets worse when you try to do something

What are the warning symptoms of a hernia?

Most hernias begin with fat pushing through the opening in the muscle. However, it is also possible for a portion of the bowel to poke out of the hole. Although the likelihood of this happening is low, urgent maintenance will be required if and when it does. If you’re experiencing any of the following, please see a doctor right away:

  • An uncomfortable swelling that doesn’t go away when you rest
  • Increasing Soreness
  • Feeling sick to one’s stomach and/or throwing up
  • Constipation is the inability to pass feces.
  • Rapid breathing and swelling
  • Fever


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