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Play with Trends: Crop Tops & Culottes for Women

The classic Culottes always come back in the trend for their flairy and comfortable loose fit. Hence, it is always a cool idea to keep one or two straight, A-line shaped or even layered Culottes in your wardrobe along with your pairs of skinny jeans and trousers. 

The wide fitting pants with length extending past the knees to the ankles is best paired with Crop Tops. The petite air of a Culotte is perfectly complemented by cute Crop Tops of different styles. The breezy look of Crop Tops and Culottes is perfect for spring, summer and fall. 

  • Crop tops with Culottes for formal wear

The volume of Culottes is big at the bottom, hence, it seeks for some definition at the top, which is best complemented by Crop Tops. High waist Culottes cover up midriff exposed by Crop Tops.  Crop Tops save you from compromising with the length of the tops with longer lengths.

High waist culottes are fit for both formal and casual occasions. You can look professional and bring out your inner diva with stretchy high-waist Culottes of darker shades and Crop Tops with full, half, and glass sleeves of lighter shades. Boat Neck sleeveless Crop Tops and collared Crop Tops too go well with striped and wide-cut Culottes for a complete formal look. 

If you want to own your formal look with a mid-waist Culotte, then pair the Crop Top with a blazer or a jacket to add a professional tone to your outfit.

  • Crop Tops with Culottes for casual wear

Worried about Culottes turning out to be a bit boring for casual gatherings? Designers now have the most fascinating range of cuts and layers incorporated in Culottes. Viscose Culottes, Layered Culottes, Slit Culottes with exciting prints and embroidery work can be paired with both traditional and Western Crop Tops.

The right kind of Crop Tops with mid-waist Culottes bring out more of your funky side in cool hang-out zones. Ruffle-sleeve, puffed sleeve, off-shoulder, halter-neck and ribbon Crop Tops highlight the upper portion of the ensemble outfit with the skirt-like casual bottom the best. 

  • Style Tips 

Crop Tops with Culotte can complement any body type, if you can pick the right choice. If you have a shorter height, go for a high waist Culotte with a length just crossing the knee; for taller figures, Culottes right above the ankle complements the height better. 

With Culottes, closed shoes, sandals, pointed shoes, and boots right below the length of the end of Culottes bring out the dimensions of the entire look the best. 

Check out multi-designer platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, Aza, Ogaan, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop and others to own your sense of style. You can get the most stunning range of collections of Crop Pants for women and Culottes for women by Gunu Sahni, FRB06, Kanelle, Urvashi Kumar, Ritesh Kumar, Snob and many other distinguished labels.

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