PET Bottle Labeling Machine: A Comprehensive Business Guide

PET Bottle Labeling Machine: A Comprehensive Business Guide

This blog article is a comprehensive business guide to the PET Bottle Labelling Machine. The machine helps label bottles with product information and instructions easily, so your bottling process is improved, and you can carry out all tasks more effectively.

What Is A PET Bottle Labeling Machine?

A PET Bottle Labeling Machine is a special machine that labels PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. This machine is used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries and to label other types of plastic bottles.

The PET Bottle Labeling Machine has several parts: a press, a system for heating the labels, and a system for applying pressure to the labels. The press prints the labels onto the bottles. The heating system applies heat to the labels to stick to the bottle. The system for applying pressure to the labels applies pressure to the labels and causes them to stick to the bottle.

How Does It Work?

You must first input the information required on the label template to use a PET bottle labeling machine. This template includes the product name, product number, and expiration date. Next, you need to feed the product into the machine. The machine will then print out the label right onto the bottleneck.

Best Practices For Use Of The PET Bottle Labeler

There are several best practices when using a PET bottle labeling machine.

  1. Label full wrap-around bottle with hot melt glue
  2. Label partial bottle with hot melt glue
  3. Square bottle or shape bottle fixed position label
  4. Label before filling or after filling
  5. Label materials can be paper, pet, opp, bopp, etc
  6. Label on pet bottle,glass bottle, and metal bottle


If you’re in the business of manufacturing PET bottles, then you need a machine like the PET Bottle Labeling Machine. With this device, you can quickly and easily label millions of bottles daily, making it an essential part of any bottle manufacturing operation. Tech-Long produces products suitable for the manufacturing industry and has built a service network covering 80 countries and regions worldwide. In the future, Tech-Long will continue to improve its strength and service quality and better create greater value for customers! Contact us!

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