Furniture that makes your home clutter-free

Furniture that makes your home clutter-free

Hasn’t everyone we know been a victim of the “no place” or “too much stuff” dilemma? A lot of times people don’t realize the practical uses of some of the furniture they buy. Every piece of furniture has its use and especially in a compact apartment, optimum utilization of space is the best solution to all problems. There are times when you may feel that a certain piece of furniture is unnecessary but eventually, you will see that the best way to manage your household items is to keep your storage spaces as big as possible. Let us look at some examples that will help you make your home clutter-free.

  1. Dressing table – Often seen as an addition for vanity’s sake only, a dressing table is a useful tool. It helps to organize your trinkets, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, and so on. The small items can be stored in the dressing table drawers and you don’t have to worry about losing them or providing boxes and more storage for them. 
  2. Bed – If you have invested in a bed with a foundation and a mattress, then the chances of the bed being used for other purposes are slim. However, if you have a box bed with a sturdy mattress, you can use the space for storage of your bulkier items like bags, suitcases, and so on. If it is an enclosed space, you can store extra blankets, pillows, duvets, and other bedding in the bed. 
  3. Wardrobe – When you are checking for wardrobes, either people forget to cater to their clothes that need to be on the hangers or they forget that when clothes are stacked high, it becomes increasingly difficult to get them out. The wardrobe design should be in a manner where you don’t end up compromising on the way your clothes are stored as well as on the amount. A separate wardrobe for shoes, jackets, and bags can solve a lot of problems, to begin with. 
  4. Trunks – Ornate trunks are often used to decorate nooks and corners of the house. The presence of a beautifully carved wooden box that has smaller showpieces looks great when you have low seating in the room. You can buy trunks of all shapes and sizes and decorate them according to your taste. The trunks are great to house your important items inside and decorative items on the outside. You can use these on your balcony as a table as well. 
  5. Kitchen shelves – Too many shelves are a myth, especially in the kitchen. Even if you manage to put everything on shelves, there is always more you can do to organize your kitchen better. The more shelves you have, the better your kitchen is bound to look. You can provide space for your electrical appliances as well. If they are concealed, the kitchen looks neater and much cleaner as compared to the time they are just kept on the kitchen platform. 

Function and form can go hand-in-hand when it comes to storage!

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