Managing risks efficiently in 6 steps

Managing risks efficiently in 6 steps

Forex trading is a very risky business and managing these risks is very important. Your broker or analyst will tell you it’s importance. When you hear the word managing risk you get confuse that how to manage them.

 If you were looking to get the information for dealing with your risks then you are on the right site. In this article you will get to know step by step details to manage the risks. So let’s get into details.

Steps in managing risk

  1. Discover your tolerance for risks:

It totally depends on you which market you choose for trading. There are lot of guides that will tell you that your accounts would have 1% or 2% risk on every trade. But some instructors will not create a hype of fear by giving you such numbers they will just calm you by saying that it totally depends on experience.  

The beginners try to take to the smallest portion of risk but as per with experience and time they take more risk. Sometimes the trading methods provide methods that can lose your trade but you should be focused on maintaining the next trade.

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  1. Adjust your contracts:

There are a lot of methods that are used in trading. Some of them are very particular stop loss and target on profit with every single trade. The simple way to know that you are reaching the amount that you decided to risk-on trade is to adjust the sizes of your positions. The micro lots will help you to achieve your desired results.

  1. Settle your timing:

The worst part of forex trading is when you miss a successful opportunity just because you were not there to avail it. With the help of an automated robot, you can solve this problem but it is not suitable for manytraders. You can sit in front of the computer 24/7. In your daily routine, you need to think about which time u will commit.

 One another way to manage this risk is chasing stop orders. It will make you gain in value when there will be fluctuationsin the prices of the market and the trade will be closed automatically if the market values will not move in favourable directions.

  1. Don’t work in weekend gaps:

It is known that most of the markets get closed on a Friday night. They freeze the charts around the world. Thus the frozen positions are not real. There can be a major change in the prices where they were on Friday and when the trade will start again. This will create a gap and this gap can ruin your trade.

5. Keep eye on the news:

The events of news can be dangerous for traders who are afraid of risk. Many events such as rates of interest and inflation can cause bigger changes in markets creating gaps. When you place a trade that is previous to the news it is even riskier.

  1. Make it pocket friendly:

Never invest money more than your power. Trading is a very risky business and if you would put all your money in it and face a loss you willbe left empty-handed so be careful always.


If you want to be a successful trader youhave to follow these 6 strategies to manage your risk and consider other factors as well to achieve your goal.

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