Four Exams You Can Receive During a Gynecology Exam

Four Exams You Can Receive During a Gynecology Exam

As a woman, one great way to take care of yourself can be by getting well-woman exams. A well-woman exam measures all aspects of your health, intending to catch diseases early. East Village gynecology comprises different exams that evaluate your reproductive health.

Your gynecologist may include pelvic exams, Pap smear, clinical breast exams, and infection testing. If your doctor finds anything unusual, you will receive treatment to address the specific concern. Here are four such exams you can receive during your wellness visit.

Pelvic Exam

Your doctor may recommend a pelvic exam to evaluate your reproductive organs and check for unusual symptoms. Usually, your doctor examines your cervix, vulva, vagina, ovaries, uterus, and pelvis for abnormalities. During your pelvic exam, your doctor may also recommend a Pap test.

A pelvic exam assesses your gynecological health to find possible indications of cysts, fibroids, infections, and cancer. Also, your doctor may recommend the exam if you are experiencing pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, and vaginal bleeding. A pelvic exam helps your doctor diagnose the reason for your symptoms.

Breast Exam

Your doctor may perform a breast exam who can recognize different abnormalities. Your doctor usually checks for physical changes and lumps. A breast exam aims to detect early signs of breast cancer.

During the exam, your doctor may ask you to raise your arms as your doctor examines your breasts. Your doctor will check differences in shape and size between your breasts. Your doctor may also squeeze your nipples lightly to see if fluid may flow.

STD Testing

After you become sexually active, your doctor may recommend regular testing for STIs and STDs. Even though you may not show symptoms to suggest STD, a test may be beneficial. Most STDs tend to hide their symptoms initially and only manifest later.

You may require regular screening, at least once every year, to check for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, and syphilis. The exams may also be necessary if you are living with HIV. Testing for STDs may need a sample urine test for early detection, even if you have no symptoms.

Pregnancy Test

You can schedule a visit to your gynecologist if you believe you are pregnant and want to be sure. While home pregnancy tests may be accurate, you may have false results sometimes. All pregnancy tests screen for the hCG hormone, also known as the pregnancy hormone.

The benefit of getting your pregnancy exam at your gynecologist’s office is that you can receive additional tests for confirmation. Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound and blood test. A blood test can detect pregnancy earlier than a sample urine test.

You are at risk for common reproductive health issues as soon as you reach your reproductive age. You do not have to wait for symptoms to see your doctor. Instead, you can add a gynecology exam to your list of appointments at least once every year.

Your doctor may perform pelvic exams, Pap tests, and breast exams during your visit. You can even get pregnancy testing if you suspect you are pregnant but wish to be sure. A gynecology exam covers all the aspects of your reproductive health, intending to catch concerns at their earliest.

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