Exploding super promotions with refund program New88

Refund program New88 chosen by many bettors when participating in betting. Whether the player wins or loses, the house allows them to use this program. Our article below will introduce to you the bookmaker’s super refunds Nhà Cái New88.

Return program overview New88 currently of interest

This is a program that applies to all members of the house New88. Just as its name suggests, players will receive a return rate of a certain amount. Based on the bet capital that the player has spent in a certain period of time, the money will be refunded.

Depending on the time, the house will have different refund programs and rates. Normally, programs will refund from 0.5 to 1.5% of the value of the total bet amount that the player places.

You will withdraw the refunded amount or use it to bet on other games of the house. Anyone who is an official member here will enjoy this promotion. You need to carefully read the content and regulations of the house to do it correctly.

Reimbursement programs New88 Super attractive today

The house has strong financial potential, so it offers players many attractive incentives, including a refund program. New88 released a lot to help you easily enjoy benefits such as:

Super refund on golden days 6 – 16 – 26 of the month

This is a promotion that applies to all members of the house on the 6th – 16th – 26th of every month. The application period for this program is from the beginning of 2023 and until now there has been no notice of suspension.

With this program, the house will randomly distribute rewards to the player’s account. Depending on the amount of your bet, the refund amount will be corresponding. The amount the house pays you will be automatically transferred to each person before the golden days 6 – 16 – 26 Vietnam time.

The form of transfer will depend on receiving the lucky money envelope. You will choose to click on the bag to receive money. Within 24 hours of starting the promotion, if you ignore it, this amount will be revoked. In particular, to apply this program, you need to place 1 round of betting to be able to withdraw money.

Super refund on golden days 18 – 19 – 20 of the month

One of the return programs New88 Equally attractive is during the golden days in the middle of the month. This offer is launched by the bookmaker and applies to all members and has no expiration date yet.

During the days from the 17th to the 19th, players can deposit from 1 point (corresponding to 1000 VND) and place bets in game halls such as Casino, Sports, Cockfighting, Fish Shooting, Jackpot Explosion, and Card Games. On the 18th, 19th, and 20th, you will receive your refund immediately. Depending on each lobby, the amount will be different. Such as:

  • At the Casino lobby, players will have a refund rate of up to 20% and bonus points of up to 18,888, equivalent to more than 18 million VND.
  • At the Sports and Cockfighting lobby, players will have a refund rate of up to 20% and bonus points of up to 28,888, equivalent to more than 28 million VND.
  • In the Fish Shooting, Jackpot, and Card Game lobby, players will have a refund rate of up to 30% and bonus points of up to 28,888, equivalent to more than 28 million VND. To withdraw money, you only need to apply 1 new betting round.

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No need for betting rounds to still receive super refunds

Perhaps this is the return program New88 Most popular when betting at this bookmaker. It is worth mentioning that all members will be able to participate and up to now there is no deadline to suspend this program.

You just need to bet on the games and don’t care if you win or lose. Just bet from 1 point to be able to use this attractive super cashback program.

This offer will be applied daily and unlimited bonuses will be sent to players. Especially the return program New88 It also pays quickly after the player pays the game. After the game ends, you will receive an immediate refund without limit on number of times or amount.

Also in this program, you will receive a refund in the form of red envelopes. Therefore, within 24 hours of the reward being distributed, players need to quickly receive it or it will be revoked.

Through the above information about the refund program New88 that we just introduced, hope you will understand the information about this great offer. Besides, you also need to read the rules and terms of receiving rewards carefully to avoid getting into trouble.


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