Enhance Your Cardiac Diagnostics with Edan’s Holter Machine

Holter machines are crucial instruments in the field of cardiac diagnostics for tracking and examining heart activity over an extended period of time. A prominent manufacturer of medical equipment, Edan, reveals its cutting-edge holter machine, which is intended to transform the way cardiologists identify heart problems. This article focuses on the flexible workflow and assisted diagnosis tools of Edan’s holter machine, which increase productivity and accuracy in cardiac diagnostics. It also examines the outstanding characteristics and advantages of this device.

Let the Software Fit Your Preference

Edan’s holter machine offers a unique feature that allows users to customize the software according to their preferences. The top toolbar, which combines commonly used functions, can be redefined based on user preference, creating a personalized and comfortable workflow for every cardiologist.  With Edan’s holter machine, cardiologists can tailor the workflow to match their individual needs, enhancing productivity and overall user experience.

Assistant Diagnosis Tools

Finding distinct beats and abnormal parts in a cardiac recording can be a time-consuming task. Edan addresses this challenge by providing multiple graphical tools within their holter machine software.  These tools assist users in locating and selecting abnormal parts by picking the corresponding graphical elements. This innovative feature simplifies the identification and analysis of cardiac abnormalities, saving time and improving accuracy in diagnosis.


With its flexible workflow and assisted diagnosis tools, Edan’s holter equipment revolutionizes cardiac diagnostics. Each cardiologist may design a workflow that meets their preferences thanks to the software’s top toolbar’s customizability, which boosts efficiency and comfort. Additionally, Edan’s helper diagnostics tools make it easier to find and pick out problematic sections in cardiac recordings, increasing diagnostic speed and precision.


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