Enhance Industrial Imaging with SmartMoreInside’s Area Scan Cameras

When it comes to industrial imaging, SmartMoreInside offers a range of industrial cameras that can revolutionize your operations. These cameras are designed to deliver reliable performance, seamless integration, and versatile functionality, making them ideal choices for a wide range of applications. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of SmartMoreInside’s area scan cameras.

Reliable Performance and Seamless Integration

The GigE Color Area Scan Industrial Camera (SMI-CGi-640P-01) stands out with its convenient parameter archive management. This allows for easy mass production and release while simplifying development and ensuring compatibility across platforms. These cameras support simultaneous operation of multiple devices and provide excellent stability, guaranteeing reliable and consistent performance. They also support various image data formats, including 8-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, giving you flexibility in capturing and processing images. With long-distance stable transmission capabilities of up to 100 meters and POE power supply, these cameras ensure seamless connectivity. Additionally, they are compatible with the VISION standard and popular software such as Halcon and VisionPro, enabling smooth integration into existing systems.

Simplified Setup and Versatile Functionality

SmartMoreInside’s area scan cameras offer simplified setup and versatile functionality, making them user-friendly and adaptable to your specific needs. These cameras feature plug and play integration with Windows, , allowing for easy installation and seamless operation. The unique data packet retransmission technology ensures reliable transmission, minimizing data loss and maximizing efficiency. With external trigger and flash synchronization support and optically isolated GPIOs, these cameras offer enhanced control and precise timing for capturing critical moments. Moreover, customizable configuration options allow you to tailor the camera settings according to different aspect ratios and field of view requirements, ensuring optimized results.

Cost-effective Solutions for Complex Workstations

For cost-effective solutions in complex workstations, SmartMoreInside offers the USB2.0 Monochrome Industrial Camera (SMI-CU2-1280P-02). These cameras provide excellent performance at an affordable price point, making them suitable for various industrial applications. With support for multiple camera setups and custom data writing capability, they offer flexibility and scalability in capturing and processing images. Moreover, these cameras can be seamlessly integrated into embedded devices, providing options for different sizes and resolutions to meet your specific requirements.


In conclusion, SmartMoreInside’s area scan cameras are designed to enhance industrial imaging processes. With their reliable performance, seamless integration, and versatile functionality, these cameras provide optimized solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need simplified setup, cost-effectiveness, or customization options for complex workstations, SmartMoreInside has got you covered. Trust SmartMoreInside to deliver high-quality imaging solutions that elevate your industrial processes and drive success.


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