What Should You Do After Sustaining A Spinal Cord Injury In A Car Accident?

Your nerves are among the most important parts of your body. They are a part of your spinal cord and run from your skull to the center of your back. Your nerves are responsible for all your bodily movements. They send signals from your brain to your hands, legs, fingers, etc. Therefore, a serious injury to the spinal cord can cost you your life. 

Spinal cord injuries in severe car accidents are not uncommon. Such injuries can permanently impact your movements, ability to feel sensations and other bodily functions. If you were in a car accident where your spinal cord was injured, you should know the impact of the damage to take prompt action. Consult with a Vegas fatal car accident attorney today. 

Steps to take after sustaining a spinal cord injury in a car accident 

1.Limit your movements. 

As soon as you realize you have been in a car accident and that you may have spinal cord injury, you should stop moving completely. In some cases, moving can worsen the injuries, while staying stable can save your life. In contrast, moving the wrong way can put you at risk of a more severe injury, including permanent nerve damage and paralysis. If you must move after an accident, ask for help from other people if possible. 

2.Get medical care. 

This advice may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to find the sheer number of accident victims who do not seek medical care. Some of them believe they are not injured enough to see a doctor and can cure themselves at home, while others worry about the hospital bill. Not receiving medical care puts you at risk of losing insurance money. Moreover, you do not have to pay the bill out of pocket; an attorney can help you seek compensation from the at-fault party. 

3.Follow your doctor’s instructions. 

The worst thing you can do to yourself and your insurance claim after a car accident is not follow your doctor’s instructions. Your doctor is an expert in healthcare and has way more knowledge than you or your non-doctor friends. Following their instructions will not only help you recover quickly but demonstrate to the insurance company that you are responsible for your health. Take all medication, attend physical therapy, go for follow-up appointments, etc. 

These are the top three steps you should take following a spinal cord injury sustained in a car accident. If you or your loved one is suffering because of another party, contact an attorney today. 


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