What is Ha Phom? Common terms and playing instructions

In addition to popular card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker or Tien Len, Phom is also a name that many people are passionate about. This subject stands out and is popular thanks to its strategic and calculated playing style. Down here, Nhacaiuytin will help beginners explain the action ”What is Ha Phom?” and common terms.

Discover what Ha Phom is and related concepts

To be able to understand ‘’What is Ha Phom??”, first you need to have a brief grasp of this card game. Because it will help newcomers get an overview of the game before going into the actual experience.

Overview Phom article

Phom has many different names depending on the region such as Ta La or ù. This card game will also use the 52-card Tu Lo Kho set in each bet, with the number of participating members ranging from 2 to 4 people.

This sport is mainly popular and played a lot in the provinces and cities of Northern Vietnam. Especially on big holidays like Lunar New Year, people often gather with friends to play Phom very enthusiastically.

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What is Ha Phom?

About the concept ‘’What is Ha Phom??”, to explain quite simply, when going through 4 rounds of betting and no individual buzzes or 2 members buzz at the same time, all gamers must present and submit their cards. At that time, you must count the points of the cards you still hold in your hand and then determine the final winner or loser.

The specific scoring method after defeating Phom will be as follows:

  • Cards numbered from 2 to 10 will use points corresponding to the value printed on that card.
  • The default Ace card alone is 1 point when counted.
  • The pieces J Q and K have increasing scores of 11-12-13 respectively.

Some common terms when playing Phom cards

In addition to capturing ‘’What is Ha Phom??’’, if you want to play well, you need to understand the rules of the game and common related terms. Below, Nhacaiuytin will list the most common concepts that new recruits must remember:

  • Po: Refers to two cards that are close to each other in value.
  • Mom: When there is a member that cannot form any Phom set.
  • ù: Gamer owns up to 3 Phom or total score is 0.
  • Round Buzz: At the time of the table, the card has a total of 10 cards.
  • ù khan: The concept that card meanings cannot form a suit with the player.
  • Phỏm horizontal: Point out the cards arranged in a row including 3 J’s, 4 10’s,…
  • Vertical phom: The concept of just a set of cards that are consecutive in value such as 5/6/7, 7/8/9,…
  • The final card: The card the player plays last in the 3rd betting round.
  • Avoid showing: Only when a player cannot show a card when it is their turn because they have captured a card, causing that card to move to the next member.
  • Temple: The concept of a player who plays a card and has all 3 cards taken by the opponent right next to him.
  • Venom: All remaining cards after being dealt will be collectively referred to by this concept.

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Instructions for beginners to play Phom are the easiest to understand

So the new soldiers understand ”What is Ha Phom??’’ and a few related terms through the above content. End,Nhacaiuytin will show newbies how to play this game with the simplest description.

Accordingly, each Phom game consists of 2 to 4 participants, each individual receives 9 random cards. The member who comes first in the game just finished will get 1 more card.

The direction of playing this card game follows clockwise order and starts from the individual who owns 19 cards. After receiving all the cards, you will arrange them in order, from large to small. The more cards a person has, the more Jacks, Phims… the chance of winning is always very high.

When the first member of the game plays a card, the person next to them must continue to play with one of the two options below:

  • Take that card if it has the ability to form a set according to Phom rules.
  • Choose not to play and draw a new card from the center of the table.

Next, the player will have to play a random card from his hand. The neighboring member also continues to follow the same actions until the buzzing individual appears.

As you know the concept of ”What is Ha Phom??’’, when after 4 rounds of betting but no one buzzes or there are 2 people buzzing at the same time, all members must beat Phom. Whoever has the lowest score is considered the ultimate winner and takes all the pot.


Recently, Nhacaiuytin has provided new players with a series of useful information related to the concept of ”What is Ha Phom??’’. From here, you can grasp more common terms in this national card game. Only when players know and understand all the rules of the game and the concept of Phom can they easily find victory. Hopefully the knowledge we share will be useful, bringing gamers a high level of efficiency.

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