What are A Few Most Common Shoulder & Elbow Surgery Types Treated in La Jolla, CA?

Often people may take shoulder problems too lightly, but only when the condition deteriorates to such an extent that they fail to reach their fridge or lift their arm, they think about treatment options.

At Upper Extremity Specialists, La Jolla, CA, there is an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon La Jolla available who will diagnose your shoulder injuries and offer you an innovative, customized treatment plan. A patient can thereafter resume his normal activities.

The following are a few types of surgeries to treat your shoulder and elbow problem.

  1. Rotator cuff repair

One of the most frequent shoulder operations performed nowadays is a rotator cuff repair. It is utilized to locate the rotator cuff damage, clean the torn or wounded tendons, and then rejoin them. To treat rotator cuff injuries surgically, there are two methods:

  • Open
  • Arthroscopic

The approach will vary according on the extent and location of the damage.

  1. Total shoulder replacement

Your natural ball and socket shoulder joint is removed during this treatment, and it is replaced with an artificial ball and socket comprised of metal and plastic.

When other surgical options are unlikely to be successful due to advanced arthritis or complex fractures and traumas, total shoulder replacements are undertaken.

  1. Arthroscopy for frozen shoulder

Using pencil-sized devices that doctor inserts inside your shoulder through tiny incisions, he uses tight sections of the capsule to cut through during operation.

He may also move or manipulate your shoulder while you are sedated in an effort to loosen the capsule and scar tissue.

  1. Acromioclavicular joint repair for arthritis

In the event that non-surgical measures are unsuccessful, surgeons may advise removing the collarbone’s tip. Using an arthroscope, he makes multiple tiny incisions to perform the repair.

On the same day as surgery, the majority of patients go back home. Although each patient’s full recovery is different, most patients recover in around three months.

  1. Arthroscopy for impingement syndromes

Subacromial decompression, a medical treatment used to treat impingement syndrome, seeks to widen the space between the acromion and the rotator cuff.

In order to give the rotator-cuff more room to move freely without getting constricted, they could also remove the bursa.

If you are suffering from any shoulder or elbow injury, don’t live with your pain. Upper Extremity Specialists, La Jolla, CA has a medical group from where you can get your problem fully resolved.


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