Top Career Opportunities After Graduating from an Ayurvedic College

Respecting our traditional values and realizing the global value of Ayurveda, students of this decade are opting for Ayurvedic education at top Ayurvedic colleges in MP and other states.

If you are also planning to take up an Ayurveda education, then here is this blog to help you know the top career opportunities after graduating from an Ayurveda college.

Read this blog and learn about the range of Ayurvedic courses and the exclusive career opportunities that await upon completing those Ayurvedic courses.

Range of Ayurvedic Courses Offered in Top Indian Ayurvedic Colleges:

Owing to the increasing enrollment for Ayurvedic courses, many top Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal and others are offering a range of Ayurvedic courses from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

Get to know them below.

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS):


Course Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Course Description BAMS course is a scratch-level course that offers an intro to ayurvedic medicine, practices, procedures, and techniques with a deep understanding of its various scope.
Course Level Undergraduate level
Duration 4.5 years + 1 year of rotary internship
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing BAMS at any top college like Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, one of the best the best private BAMS colleges in Bhopal:

●      10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology as optional subjects.


●      Certificate /diploma with above subjects in any Govt. recognized institutions

The age should be between 17 to 25 years.

Admission Procedure Admission to BAMS at top BAMS colleges in Bhopal is provided based on the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) score.
Average Fee INR 25,000 to INR 3.2 LPA

Master Ayurvedic Courses:

There are two different Ayurvedic master courses which are listed below:


Master Ayurvedic Courses Course Description Duration Eligibility Criteria Admission Procedure Average Course Fee
Master of Medicine (M.D) MD course is centralized on treatment-oriented Ayurvedic education in a specialized branch of Ayurveda.  






3 years

The basic eligibility criteria for MD/MS at any top college like MAMC, the best ayurvedic hospital in Bhopal are as follows:


●      Candidate should have completed BAMS



Admission to MD/MS in Ayurveda is provided considering entrance exams such as AIA-PGET, NEET PG score







INR 25,000 to INR 4 LPA

Master of Surgery (M.S) MS course is focused on surgery-oriented Ayurvedic education in a specialized branch of Ayurveda.


On getting to know the various Ayurvedic courses offered at top Ayurvedic colleges in MP and other states, it is time for you to know the top career opportunities after these courses.

Range of top career opportunities after graduating from an Ayurvedic college:

Graduating with Ayurvedic degrees at top colleges shows the way for a career at the best Ayurvedic hospital in India. Beyond this, there are many other top career options which are detailed below.


Career Options Role Average Salary
Fresher Experienced
Clinical Practitioner / Ayurvedic Doctor Responsible for examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing herbal remedies, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications according to Ayurvedic principles. INR 4.5 LPA to INR 6 LPA INR 8 LPA to INR 11 LPA
Clinical Research Associate Engage in scientific research to validate the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments and medicines.

Responsible for analysing, planning, performing, supervising, and assessing clinical trials during the research in the field of Ayurveda.

INR 3.5 LPA to INR 5 LPA INR 5.5 LPA to INR 8 LPA
Ayurvedic Pharmacist Work in Ayurvedic pharmacies where you’ll prepare and dispense herbal medicines according to Ayurvedic prescriptions. This role involves knowledge of medicinal plants, their properties, and the preparation of various Ayurvedic formulations. INR 3 LPA to INR 4 LPA INR 3.5 LPA to INR 6 LPA
Ayurvedic Faculty Teach Ayurvedic principles, diagnosis, and treatment methods at Ayurvedic colleges, universities, or wellness institutes. This role involves conducting lectures, workshops, and training programs for aspiring Ayurvedic practitioners. INR 3 LPA to INR 5 LPA INR 4 LPA to INR 7 LPA
Healthcare Management With a clear knowledge of Ayurveda and its treatment agenda, protocol and much more, Ayurvedic course graduates can engage in healthcare management roles at Ayurvedic clinics, hospitals, or wellness centres.

Responsible for strategic planning, scheduling operations, and ensuring regulatory compliance of the healthcare establishments.

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant Work in wellness centers, spas, or resorts to offer Ayurvedic therapies such as massages, detoxification treatments, and rejuvenation therapies. As a wellness consultant, you’ll also provide advice on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle practices to promote holistic well-being. INR 2.5 LPA to INR 4 LPA INR 3 LPA to INR 6 LPA
Ayurvedic Product Development Will be involved in the development and manufacturing of Ayurvedic products such as herbal supplements, skincare products, and medicinal oils. This role involves formulating new products, quality control, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. INR 3 LPA to INR 5 LPA INR 4 LPA to INR 8 LPA


These are the top career options available on completing your Ayurvedic degree at top private BAMS colleges in MP and others.

There are many other career options available after Ayurvedic degrees, but the above ones are the best.


On reaching the conclusion, hope you get to know the best career opportunities available after getting your Ayurvedic degree from the best ayurvedic colleges in MP and other states. Time to start your journey now with ayurvedic education.


  • Is BAMS without NEET possible?

No, BAMS without NEET is not possible as admission to BAMS degree at any ayurvedic college in India requires NEET qualification.

  • What would be the average salary scale for BAMS graduates?

The average salary scale for BAMS graduates is around INR 4 LPA while with experience the salary can reach INR 16 LPA.

  • What are the best courses after BAMS?

Some of the best courses after BAMS are:

  • Master of Medicine (MD) in Ayurveda
  • Master of Surgery (MS) in Ayurveda
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital Management
  • Who earns more BDS or BAMS?

BDS and BAMS graduates, both earn almost the same. The average salary scale of BAMS graduates is around INR 4 LPA to INR 8 LPA which is the same as BDS graduates.

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