The astrological benefits that is expected when you wear a Pukhraj stone

Among the 9 gems yellow sapphire is rated to be a beneficial and an auspicious stone as depicted in the Hindu scriptures. It also goes by the name of Pukhraj stone or Peetmani which is indeed a special stone in the domain of astrology. A visit to a Pukhraj stone in Bangalore centre will reveal the fact it has the power of Jupiter.

Coming to Jupiter it happens to be one of the heaviest planets of the solar system. Hence it would be imparting unique powers to yellow Sapphire as compared to the other stones. If you are planning to wear this stone you need to consult a learned astrologer or a gemmologist who are going to explain the hidden benefits.

The benefits when you wear Yellow Sapphire

  • When you are wearing this stone it would protect you from any forms of evil. For women it is going to provide satisfaction and happiness .
  • If a woman wears it would be providing them with a loving and prosperous groom, happiness and heirs in her martial life.
  • Jupiter as per Hindu culture is termed as guru. Hence lawyers,  politicians, judges are known to yield instant results which would benefit them immensely.
  • It provides an ability to handle a complex situation. Hence while being disciplined they can take correct decisions where you define the purpose of life and achieve maximum success.
  • It goes on to provide healing powers when it comes to the ailments of kidney, fever and cough.
  • The power of the stone protects the wearer from accidental death
  • It goes on to provide you with mental peace, stability and a purpose in life. A lot of people who visit Pukhraj stone store in Bangalore tend to wear it for dealing with anger management.
  • No doubts to the fact Jupiter is one of the beneficial planets of the universe. So the negative effects of wearing such a stone would be completed negated. A wearer is going to experience the joy of success, strong friendship or leadership.
  • It works out to be the planet of judgement or wisdom and hence it is an ideal stone for people who are holding reputed positions in the society.
  • It is going to reduce fat in the body or the heal of ailments which is related to throat and skin. It fastens the process of healing the cerebral connections or regulate the circulation of blood in the body.
  • The planet of Jupiter is known to reduce spiritual connections which would be further stimulated by the stone of Yellow Sapphire. It helps to attain spirituality and a solace in life

If the wearer of the stone is  Pisces or a Sagittarius they would instantly avail the benefits of this stone. It is not only these signs but the people from the other signs can cash in on the benefits of this stone. On Thursday morning you need to wear this stone on the right index finger of your hand.

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