How To Fix [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] Error?

The organized email management system is what makes MS Outlook different from other email management systems. MS outlook is capable of managing email accounts like clients or users.

MS Outlook works seamlessly. It helps manage the email accounts of every person working as an employee, employer, or client very easily. Sometimes MS outlook shows error code which looks like [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c]. But you don’t have to worry now. We are here to provide you the best solution of MS outlook error [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c].

Something goes wrong with MS Outlook when it shows [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error. 

Let’s go through the easy steps to solve error [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] in MS outlook.

Reasons Behind [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] Error 

The possible reasons behind [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error in MS outlook are listed below:

  1. When you use MS outlook with multiple outlook accounts makes an outlook malfunction causes this error. 
  2. Cache files in MS outlook may cause this Microsoft outlook PII error.
  3. Using MS Outlook software may cause this error, whereas [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error is less seen in the web application of Microsoft Outlook.
  4. This error can be caused due to a broken application file. Try using an updated and official version of MS Outlook.
  5. Sometimes this error is caused due to a cracked version of MS outlook. Wrong file integration can cause this error.
  6. If you face this error without the reasons above, then you should contact Microsoft support.

Top 4 Steps To Solve [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] Error Code

Let’s see how to solve [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error in Microsoft outlook. Here are the proven steps to solve [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error in Microsoft Outlook: 

Step 1: Clear Cache And Cookies

  1. Lots of data is accumulated in the database when you use Outlook; it may contain broken or dead data packets. Clearing cache and cookies will remove all the waste packets from the database, which will solve the [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error
  2. Terminate MS outlook from running applications and open it again. It may solve the error.
  3. Try using a maximum of 1-2 outlook accounts. Multiple outlook accounts can cause this error.
  4. Uninstall the older version and install the latest and official version of Outlook.
  5. After updating Outlook, you must restart your device.
  6. When your PC is successfully rebooted, open Outlook to see whether the [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error is still prompting or not, suppose it does, then follow step 2 below.

Step 2: Update Outlook To The Latest Version

  1. Software files play a vital role in their functioning. If your MS Outlook software file is corrupted, it may be the reason behind the MS Outlook [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error.
  2. Uninstall the corrupted version of MS outlook. It will clear all the damaged files of the software from your PC.
  3. Now Install the latest and official version of MS Outlook. This will solve the error in MS outlook.

Step 3: Using Web Application To Solve [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] Error

  1. MS Outlook web is a breakthrough to solve [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error. You won’t face this error when you are using outlook web.
  2. Just visit the above link and enter your login details.
  3. Access Outlook as you were using it through its official software.
  4. There are a few differences in the UI of MS outlook software and MS outlook web.

Step 4: Delete Outdated Version And Install Official And Latest Version Of Outlook 

  1. The outdated version is most likely to show [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error. You need to uninstall the outdated version immediately.
  2. Obsolete Outlook is more prone to show this error.
  3. The stored data is not deleted when you delete the older version of MS outlook. You will retrieve it after logging in.
  4. The latest version will not show the error again.
  5. Keep updating your Outlook to avoid facing [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error.
  6. If the error persists, you should visit Microsoft Outlook Support.

2 New And Updated Methods To Solve [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c]

Let’s get straight to the point.

Method 1 To Solve [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c]

Creating A New Profile

Sometimes a profile created in MS Outlook gets corrupted and it may show MS Outlook error like [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c]. Like this, make another record and move all the data from the past documents to the enhanced one. In any case, it is significant that you should have the reinforcement of the PST document. If it isn’t there, at that point, it gets hard for you to recoup it.

Method 2 To Solve [Pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c]

Disable Add-Ons

Add-ons are given permissions to modify and collect data from the app. They may cause MS outlook to show an error. To solve the error, you need to disable the add-ons to keep the MS outlook function normally.


Hope this article is helpful in solving [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error in MS Outlook. All the steps to solve this error are tested and proven. 

Sometimes there can be a critical problem when Outlook shows this error. Any of these steps may not solve it. It is requested to contact Microsoft support for a better solution to solve [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error.

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