ForwardX AMRs Empower Smart Warehousing

With the digitalization of warehousing and logistics, modern warehousing is no longer a warehouse in the traditional sense but refers to a more efficient service and smart technologies embedded process. Traditional manual “person-to-goods” picking workflows have become inefficient. The use of intelligent robots such as AMR solutions provided by innovative ForwardX has helped transform the meaning of “person-to-goods” picking workflows. Take a deeper look at the details.

ForwardX is the frontier of technological innovation companies. The AMRs they produce can greatly promote the improvement of warehouse efficiency. Their products are outstanding in the use of technology and practicality with the help of big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, visual recognition systems, etc. And today they are here to introduce some of the uses of warehouse automation technology.

Efficiency is what E-Commerce lies on

Under the increasingly fierce competition in the e-commerce market, major e-commerce companies have accelerated the intelligent distribution of logistics. The sorting and circulation speed of warehoused goods is closely related to the distribution efficiency of logistics.

In this industry where speed and efficiency are paramount, ForwardX’s intelligent AMRs provide a high-efficient warehouse automation solution. ForwardX’s AMRs meet the rapid application of warehouse picking and are now being used by many of the world’s leading companies to provide an efficient and trusted solution.


Solving the pain points of being time-consuming and slow using traditional manual picking workflows, ForwardX’s “person-to-goods” automation solution with top-notch AMRs will be a boost for the efficiency of the warehousing industry. Visit the official website of ForwardX for information in detail.

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