Enhancing Safety in Manufacturing with Blueiot's RTLS Technology

Enhancing Safety in Manufacturing with Blueiot’s RTLS Technology

In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, ensuring safety is of paramount importance. In this article, we will explore one of the key advantages of implementing Blueiot‘s RTLS manufacturing technology: guaranteeing safety in the workplace.

Zonal Management:

Blueiot’s RTLS technology enables the creation of virtual zones within the manufacturing environment. By implementing electronic fences, the workplace can be divided into different zones, each with its own specific safety requirements. In the event of unauthorized access or when people or vehicles approach dangerous or restricted areas, an alarm is triggered, ensuring prompt intervention and preventing potential accidents.

Immediate Rescue:

Blueiot’s RTLS technology goes beyond traditional safety measures by incorporating wearable wristband tags for workers. These tags continuously monitor vital signs, allowing for early detection and prediction of potential risks. In the event of an accident or injury, workers can immediately call for help by pressing a button on the tag. The RTLS system then directs the rescue team to the accident site through the shortest route, ensuring timely assistance and minimizing response time.

Epidemic Prevention:

In the wake of global health concerns, epidemic prevention has become an integral part of workplace safety. Blueiot’s RTLS technology includes features that enable effective epidemic prevention measures. The system triggers alarms, vibrations, or signal lights when two or more individuals breach the set proximity limit, ensuring adherence to social distancing guidelines. Additionally, the system records the entry and exit times of individuals, enabling contact tracing and facilitating analysis in case of any health-related incidents.


Blueiot’s RTLS technology provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing safety in the manufacturing industry. By adopting Blueiot’s RTLS technology, manufacturers can significantly enhance safety practices and foster a culture of well-being in their facilities, ultimately leading to improved productivity and a more secure workplace.

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