5 skills you need to become a medical coder

5 skills you need to become a medical coder

Nowadays, the field of medical coding is growing at a rapid rate. Medical coders maintain health records. These coders feed in the patients’ data and information in the Electronic Health Records (EHR). This is useful to track the results of health status, managing the medical center database, and getting medical reimbursements from insurance companies. If you are wondering whether medical coding is the right career for you then you must understand the education and skills you need in order to perform your job effectively. We list below some of the required skills to pursue a career in medical coding:

  1. Organization Skills

Medical coders must possess excellent organization skills to systematically arrange and manage all the data from various sources. You must be quick in providing medical records and not have to shuffle around. Apart from sorting out information, at times, coders need to recollect and hand it over to others. All data has to be well organised so as to present to quickly without any hassles and making the person wait for long. 

  1. Attention to Detail

A medical coder must possess the ability to give attention to minute details.it can be a big problem if medical coders allocate wrong codes to various diagnostic medical processes. It’s not only the insurance of bills and registration of payment that has to be taken care of in detail but also each payment detail has to be fed correctly into the system. If the information isn’t matching they have to get it sorted with the insurance companies.

  1. Communication Skills

Medical coders must possess excellent communication skills as they have to interact constantly with doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals to talk out important matters. They must be professional in communicating and listening patiently to what others say. In addition, you should also be proficient in non-verbal communication like being able to write reports and prepare correct memos.

  1. Computer Skills

You must have a good knowledge of computers as coding requires using different software programs to feed in data and diagnosis codes. A sound computer knowledge helps to navigate through the soft wares efficiently. Moreover, you should be quick and accurate with typing.

  1. Work Independently

One advantage of choosing a career in this field is that you will be given complete freedom in your work. There won’t be any supervision which helps you carry out everyday tasks proactively. You have to restrict yourself from too much social media so that you don’t get distracted. Even though you won’t be getting any feedbacks but you should evaluate the quality and quantity of your work regularly. This will help you be consistent with your performance.


So now we hope you understood what all it requires to be a medical coder. Although this job isn’t for everyone, you can master it over time with hard work, practice and proper medical coding training. These skills can only make you a better coder with practice and consistency. You can check if there is any medical coding vacancy and then apply for a job.

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