Your guide to mascara application

You would think applying mascara is easy, but then you’d be thinking wrong. An art that needs to be honed and a skill that needs to be acquired, mascara application is an entire science.

Essentially, the purpose of it is to make your eyelashes look pronounced by coating them with goop, but the way you apply the mascara makes all the difference in the world.

A good mascara application involves making your eyes look bigger, lashes longer and more voluminous. If not done right, not only will it not do any of this, but also the clumping will look unappealing. Likewise, smudge mascara and the consequent raccoon eyes are what no one likes.

Moreover, you also need to follow the proper care instructions for when applying mascara and the quality of your mascara, as it has direct implications for your eyes. The wand can harbor bacteria and lead them to eye infections that require help from an Eye specialist in Islamabad then.

How to apply mascara?

While you can stick to applying the mascara directly to your eyes, it does not offer dramatic results. If you have the time, and opportunity, you should go all out and add some drama to the lashes.

Step 1: Curl the lashes

Investing in a good eyelash curler is very important. The curl added makes the fanning of the lashes perfect, so your eyes look bigger and the lashes more pronounced. Make sure that the curler has the padding in place, otherwise, it may also cause your lashes to cut and fall off.

Step 2: Primer

You can always forgo this step, but a good primer helps in prepping the lashes for mascara application. It helps in the mascara stay for longer and separates the lashes so they look more voluminous rather than clumped together.

Step 3: Bring out the mascara

Now, it’s time to apply the mascara. Firstly, take it out properly. If you pump the wand, you are helping your formula dry out as you are adding more air to it. Once the want is out, wipe it at the sides of the container to remove the excess. Otherwise, too much product will go onto your lashes, and make them clumped.

Start the application from the base of the top lashes, as you the wand upwards. Make sure to include wiggle action so the lashes do not stick together. Carefully do this, so that you do not poke your eyes.

It can be tricky to get all the hairs at first, so take your time with it. Once you are done with the lashes, let it dry some, before moving on to another coat. A helpful trick is to also apply the mascara on the upper side of the lashes, so they are well coated.

Step 4: Cleaning

Do not remove the wayward specks of mascara when it is still wet, as it will then lead to smudging. Instead, wait for it to dry before you remove the fleck. This way, there will be less mess.

Other tips

Invest in different types

You cannot expect one type of mascara to do everything from volumizing to lengthening. So, invest in different types, and apply them in combination. You can work with different formulas to find your secret recipe.

Use a card

To avoid smudging, hold a business card against your eye, so that any remains are transferred to it, rather than the eyelid.

Clean your lashes

It is important that you clean your lashes before starting the process of mascara application. Essentially, your mascara tube can harbor bacteria; the wand carries it from your eyes into the container.

When you clean your eyes before, you then reduce the chance of contamination. Otherwise, these microbes can cause problems like styes and conjunctivitis, that then require help of the Best Eye specialist in Lahore.

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