Which Books Can Be Read To Crack TET Exam

Which Books Can Be Read To Crack TET Exam?

The TET exam, conducted by the state government and central authorities, is among the most competitive exams for applicants aspiring to recruit themselves as teachers in government schools all over India. It is mandatory for the candidates to clear the respective state TET exam or CTET of all levels of school education. 

Once you crack the TET exam, the candidate gets recruited for PRT (Primary Teacher) who can teach up to class 5th level, TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) who is allowed to teach up to 10th grade, and PGT (Post-Graduate Teachers) who teaches up to class 12th level. 

 Significance of TET Exam

TET exam allows candidates to be hired for one of the most respectable teaching professions throughout the country, which is why thousands of people apply for these teaching jobs and aspire to teach in government schools appointed as PRT, TGT, or PGT. Visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to know more about it. 

In addition to getting a good salary, job security, and time of work; the government teaching jobs provide other benefits to the teachers, including medical assistance to teachers and their dependents, financial assistance for the higher education of their children and the families of the deceased teachers, merit scholarships to the eminent children of teachers, teacher’s safety assistance scheme, and meritorious awards to teachers. 

Important Books for TET Exam Preparation 

Cracking the TET exam 2022 requires you to choose the best book. It will help you create a strategy to prepare well for these exams. We will share the list of the best books that help you prepare for the TET exam effectively: 

Book Name Publisher
TETs and CTET Pedagogy and English (Paper I & II) Arihant Publication
Success Master CTET (Social Studies) Paper 2 for Class 6th to 8th Arihant Publication
TETs and CTET Bhasha Hindi Paper I & II Arihant Publication
Environmental Studies (EVS) Exam Goalpost for TETs & CTET, Class 1st– 5th Wiley Publication
Child Development and Pedagogy for TETs & CTETs (Paper I & II) Arihant Publication
A Complete Resource for CTET (Language I): Pedagogy and English Pearson Publication, The Author of the book, is Geeta Sahni 

How to Select the Best Books for TET Preparation

The following points must be considered before choosing a book to prepare for TET exams in 2022: 

  1. First, always check the publication year of the book. 
  2. The language of the book must be student-friendly so that the concepts can be easily comprehended.
  3. Do not judge the book by its cover. Yes, it’s true and must be kept in mind while selecting a book for TET preparation. Always choose the book after referring to the index and its table of content. 
  4. The book must contain the TET sample papers, model papers, and previous year’s question papers. 
  5. Opt for the latest edition of the book.
  6. Ensure that the book contains the entire syllabus for the current year. 

Other Crucial Sources for TET Preparation

  • Staying updated with current affairs and events will enhance your knowledge and facilitate scoring well in these exams. 
  • Referring to online notes, previous year’s question papers, and crafting preparation tips & strategies through BYJUS Exam Prep are some ways to prepare well for TET exams.
  • Conducting an online self-assessment test always helps.
  • Understanding the pattern of questions asked in the examination by watching videos on YouTube.
  • Opt for E-books online.

This was all about this topic that briefed you about the most compelling books you can opt for, to crack TET exam. Make your education journey easier with interactive live tests available at BYJU’S Exam Prep. 

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