What Needs to Pay Attention While Using AEDs?

Compared to traditional first aid, which can only rely on the arrival of medical professionals and transfer to the hospital to use large AED hospital products for defibrillation, Mindray’s new AED products, which meet the requirements of public settings, provide high efficiency and safety for patients in cardiac arrest. However, there are some restrictions and contraindications to the use of AEDs. Listen to Mindray’s introduction.

Drowning people cannot use the AED?

Yes, but be aware of these things.

If the patient’s body is wet with water, sweat, or oil, the discharge energy may not be sufficient, the rescuer may also be electrocuted, and the disposable electrode may not be attached to the patient (if the patient has too much chest hair also need to remove oh). So when you encounter a drowning patient, remember to help the patient dry his body first when using AED to ensure that the skin at the paste AED electrode is dry.

Pregnant women cannot use AEDs?

AEDs can certainly be used on pregnant women. If the rescue of sudden cardiac arrest does not occur in time, the cardiac arrest may prevent the oxygen supply to the baby in the belly, so using AEDs on pregnant women is not only saving the life of the pregnant woman but also saving the life of the fetus.

Mindray is an AED manufacturer that is at the forefront of technology and strives to improve the quality of its products. Their products can be trusted. Visit Mindray‘s official website for more specific information on cardiac arrest resuscitation.

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