Using High Exudate Wound Dressings in Wound Care Practice

Winner Medical’s high exudate wound dressings are used in the treatment of a variety of wounds. When a dressing is applied to a wound, it creates a seal, preventing fluid from escaping and helping to reduce the amount of swelling that occurs.

Overview of high exudate wound dressings

A high exudate wound dressing is an adhesive bandage that helps control excessive exudate (fluid released from a wound). This type of dressing is often used for more severe wounds, burns, and other types of skin damage.

Dressings consist of multiple layers, including a top layer that absorbs fluids and a bottom layer that seals the wound. The adhesive between these two layers helps hold the dressing in place and prevents it from falling off. High exudate wound dressings are designed to release large amounts of fluid quickly to help keep wounds clean. They are also popular among military personnel.

What are the benefits of using high exudate wound dressings in wound care practice?

  1. They help reduce the risk of infection. High exudate dressings help keep bacteria and other contaminants out, reducing the risk of infection transfer.
  2. They provide a moist healing environment for wounds. High exudative dressings promote healing by providing a moist environment that promotes skin cell growth and proliferation. This results in faster healing and less scarring.
  3. They protect wounds from debris and exudate buildup. High exudate dressings trap fluid and other elements within the wound, helping to prevent them from building up and causing further inflammation or damage to the wound site.


High exudate wound dressings are often used to close wounds with excess fluid. They work by sticking to the wound surface and trapping excess fluid. Visit Winner Medical‘s official website for more information about their high exudate wound dressing, which has rapidly become the industry standard for trauma patients.

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