Twitch marketing for businesses – explained

Today gaming is no longer a marginal phenomenon but a real underlying trend. The world of video games has completely integrated into the world of culture and entertainment and Twitch is indicative of this phenomenon. Initially devoted to gaming, the platform is open to all types of entertainment. Twitch is now a territory for brands to explore.

The platform makes it easy to identify streamers and their communities while establishing a form of interactivity and spontaneity. However, its great strength lies in its ability to reach a young audience that not only listens to your messages but embraces them and your brand. This unique relationship between advertising and the Twitch community is due to several factors:

  • The advertising approach is less intrusive since it makes it possible to remunerate the streamer, and is therefore accepted by the community.
  • Ad formats are less intrusive
  • It offers a complementary experience, in particular by taking over and playing with the codes of the platform.

What type of content should be favored on Twitch?

Twitch is a platform that made sense from the start for our Kellogg’s and Pringles Treasure brands. Indeed, gaming is also a time of snacking for viewers but also streamers. The audience of the platform was also in our targets, rather young between 15 and 35 years old. That’s why most starters want to have a perfect jump-start, therefore, they buy live Twitch viewers.

We started by deciding on the first format. To start, the simplest and most classic format is that of In-Stream video before the broadcast of a live broadcast. It is also possible to go further in the creation of a dedicated campaign on Twitch, for example, a brand can sponsor a popular talk show, and thus appear as a partner of these events. It is also possible to opt for a completely personalized and dedicated campaign.

The keys to success are not exceptional: you have to approach this universe and this audience in a very humble way, choose your partners well, and adapt your content even more than on another platform. Do not hesitate to meet and discuss directly with the steamers to listen to them and that of their community in order to fully understand all the issues.

One of the major differences of Twitch compared to another platform is that advertising or partnership makes it possible to directly remunerate streamers. On Twitch, fans do not hesitate to take out paid subscriptions to support their favorite streamers.

Particularly for younger generations, increasingly locked into paying universes without advertising or followers of ad blockers, who need to rebalance the exchange of values ​​with a brand.

They realize the value of their data. My advice is to have a “test and learn” approach even if it means starting small and not immediately targeting star streamers but the smallest communities, and learning from these first experiences. In any case, be accompanied by platform experts to find the right community and the right format according to the values ​​of your brand.

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