Try these hacks while travelling internationally!

Try these hacks while travelling internationally!

Travelling is not as easy as people show it to be on Instagram. In those scenic locations where they portray to be all alone, the transitions from one destination to another and those smiley faces work hard to get those beautiful shots.

However, they also teach us new hacks and tricks to use for our trips. Save your trip from going disastrous by using these easy tips. You don’t have to spend time wasting on different travel websites.

Also, to try hassle-free travelling, connect to the nearest travel agent near you through email. Find email addresses through email lookup tools like Its chrome extension to Linkedin and Gmail is a lifesaver!

1 The digital copies

You have to show your passport and other documents at pretty awful times while travelling internationally. So, it is better and also safer to carry them digitally too.

It is amazing to hear the number of times people realise that they’ve either lost or misplaced their documents. Avoid making situations even more uncomfortable by saving them in your cloud or email.

2 The online and offline

You have a feature on Google maps and iPhone maps to save offline – use this feature for the best. Here, not only will you hold your phone’s charge, but you won’t have to worry about losing your network connection too!

Another hack is to access the internet in cafes and restaurants as they offer free wifi services. Don’t consider this as complimentary but mandatory. So, you can use it to check on your emails and other crucial things online.

3 The packing

Carry all your favourite clothes without having to worry about overpacking! Use clever packing techniques like rolling the T-shirts and tops, bundling the socking into one, etc.

Do carry travel accessories like extension cables, in case you happen to stay in hostels. Use ziplock bags to arrange your day-to-day outfits. Save your money from expensive ‘travel-friendly’ products and use small containers to pack the skin and hair care products.

4 Research

There are thousands of websites that can help you with coupons and discounts for your favourite eateries and stays. All you need to do is spend some quality time researching online for them.

Buy flight tickets at a cheaper rate by using your mileage and other points. Keep collecting the points even while you travel so that you can expense them during the trip too. Many hostels also offer a free stay in exchange for doing their basic chores. Look for the one around your destination.

Carry all your favourite clothes without having to worry about overpacking! Use clever packing techniques like rolling the T-shirts and tops, bundling the socking into one, etc. For packing shoes, wear the largest pair to save space, and stack your boots, heels, or all yellow sneakers, heel to toe with socks inside for more room in your bag.

5 Manage your money

Inform your bank and credit card company about your travel so they won’t block you during your international transactions. Always go to the banks and ATMs to draw the cash instead of exchanging it near the airport. Usually, they charge additional fees and give you less than the actual exchange rate.

Usually, visiting Visa-free or Visa-on-arrivals are the best getaways you can invest in. Avoid cliched and touristy spots as the food & other charges are way more expensive than those areas farther. Invest in an anti-theft backpack or purse!

Hope you have found these tips valuable. Is there any other you wish to add? Let us know in the comment section!

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