Top E-Commerce Mobile App Features

Top E-Commerce Mobile App Features

For any business, the primary goal of a mobile application includes increasing sales, building customer loyalty, and gaining a competitive advantage for growth. Choosing the features, your goal should be facilitating the user’s journey into a smooth and up to the mark experience and facilitating the business journey towards brand awareness and monetary gains.

Most successful apps’ journeys start with a minimum viable product (MVP). Mobile app development with MVP exists so you can test your product first in the market and gather user feedback to set the right direction for your product. The MVP apps include only core features but if you wanna go ahead and start with an official app we have listed some of the must-have features for an E-commerce app.

Must-Have Features of an E-commerce Application

Easier Login:

The purpose of online shopping is to save time conveniently but the business makes it a hassle with a complicated log-in or registering system. A simple and easy-to-log-in feature aids to the positive customer experience which means building customer loyalty. Some of the easy log-in features you can include are shopping as a guest, simplifying forms, signing in with the external account and an easier entry point for higher conversions to increase sales.

User-Friendly Product Filtering:

Even as a consumer yourself, you must find it frustrating to go through the whole inventory to find the right product. Your customers feel the same way about your business. User-friendly product filtering is an important feature for the e-commerce application. The feature helps you reduce the number of steps to find the right product and further takes the audience directly to conversion.

Product Visuals and Description:

Google has millions of pictures and it doesn’t attract an audience. What attracts the audience is detailed product descriptions and specifications. The stronger recalling of any business is through infographics, visuals (with several dimensional images), and thorough information about the product.

The descriptive feature of an app includes everything that would convince the customer to buy from the brand. The current trend is the 3D product visualization feature.

Try Before Buy Feature

Augmented reality is a top trending feature for mobile applications. In the upcoming years, it’s gonna be a must-have as well so let’s try and integrate it into the application now. The try before buy feature is supported by augmented reality and has been widely promoted by brands such as Sephora and Ikea.

The feature allows you to try the product before purchasing using the camera lens. You can try makeup, clothes, spectacles, home decor, etc with the feature easily. The feature also promotes a higher conversion rate as people are willing to take the risk with the new products.


E-wallets are a growing trend and will take over the exchange of currency in 2021. Integrating the e-wallet feature in your app helps you widen the audience who prefer a cashless shopping experience. Other than the credit card method, the most common e-wallets include apple pay, google pay, amazon pay, PayPal, and even Samsung pay.

It is highly recommended to include as many payment options as possible by opting for the best Mobile app development in Dubai.

Return and Refund Status:

Business mishaps happen and it’s okay. You will always encounter customers with an intent to return and exchange products. Now it’s your responsibility to make the last process seamless for the customer.

The return and refund status feature is equally important as the delivery status. The status promotes transparency of the store and is the final chance for the business to retain the customer. It is recommended to include the return and refund status integrated into the app but you can also connect it with the emails.

Make sure the status feature is based in real-time and functional across locations.

Item Availability and Shipping:

Inventory is an important aspect of an e-commerce business and it also influences the customer shopping experience. One of the reasons for a lower conversion rate of any store is the unavailability of the product and informing after the order is placed. The second reason is canceling the order as the fragile product isn’t suitable or shipping everywhere (depending on the business)

In order to avoid such mishappening, your application should absolutely have the feature that shows the item’s availability. Better if you show the number of remaining products as it both boosts sales and helps the customers make an informed decision. Your product should also include (if) the product is eligible for far shipping. You can add products according to the geographical locations as well.

If a customer order is canceled due to unavailability, it’s likely they lose trust in your business.

Personalized Content:

Personalized content refers to two things. The first is readable content that you create to attract visitors. Personalizing readable content you must generate content focusing on the pain points of the customer for better conversions.

The second personalized content is more related to the algorithms and coding. Personalized content means that you also provide your customer’s recommendations based on their searches and purchases. These recommendations are primarily a combination of the matching products of the customer reference.

The purpose of personalized content is to encourage customers to explore more products and experience a sense of one on one interaction shopping experience.

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