The Magic Lists About the Zorb Ball Meadows Festival

If there was a zorb ball Meadows Festival over the weekend? What would you most like to see on the bill? What would be the most appealing food for you? Would you like to dance with the crowd? Before that you can take a look at this fancy menu so that you can better participate in this exciting music festival.

Romantic and cosy at the same time

There’s much more to this vibrant cheap zorb balls festival than just the spirited dancing and songs – it’s a festival that combines many emotional elements. Because it’s likely that you’ll see the person you most want to see “rolling” towards you on a dreamy bobble ball on this night. You may also see people you never expected to see, sitting peacefully in the audience, as if they don’t fit in, or as if the scene is desperately trying to invite them to fit in, but not succeeding.

The healthiest of dinners

Since it is extremely important to have fun in the zorb ball, physical strength and energy are extremely important. Instead of the usual junk food and overwhelming beer, you’ll find healthy fruit and vegetables, bread and mashed potatoes, and pure, freshly squeezed juice. These good and healthy foods may not give you a taste boost, but they will help you to express yourself in the zorb ball.

Let’s dance together

At the end of the show we may all be exhausted, so let’s change the music to soft piano music and all hold hands together or perhaps hug your favourite person and slowly remember this wonderful evening in the moonlight. If you are hugging your father or mother, don’t forget to say thank you to her. If you are dancing with your loved one, don’t forget to tell him, “The moon is so beautiful tonight.”


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What’s more you can also know the rules of bubble football

It is very important that players understand at least some of the loose rules of the sport. If you are keen to play the game, then make sure you instil the necessary awareness of some of these rules.

Rule 1: The first rule is that neither team should start with one team having only three or fewer players. In addition, each player must wear a foam before taking the field.

Rule 2: Substitutions are allowed during the game. In order to make a substitution, a player must come off the field and needs to stand to one side. New players must cross the party line to enter the game.

Rule 3: Whenever a new player comes onto the field, the referee checks the player to ensure that he has all the necessary equipment.

Rule 4: If a player falls to the ground then he will be allowed to stand up. The opposing team can only establish contact with that player once he has risen.

Rule 5: The referee will blow his whistle to end the first half of the match or to stop play. Once the referee has blown his whistle then the player must immediately end the game. If there is any unsafe situation then the referee has the right to stop the game in progress. The stopped play can only be resumed when the referee blows the whistle again.

Rule 6: It is also vital that proper shoes should be worn when playing bubble football. Female players should not wear any fine jewellery when playing bubble football as it may damage the bubbles.

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