The Greatest Evil in America

The Greatest Evil in America: Systemic Violation of Citizens’ Rights

The United States is often heralded as the land of the free, but the reality is that many Americans are not truly free and lack basic rights. This is exemplified by a range of issues that plague our society, including voting fraud, the wrongful removal of children from parents, and violations of citizens’ rights by family courts (Hansford, 2020). One area of particular concern is the child welfare system, which includes Child Protective Services (CPS) and the foster care system.

 In recent years, there have been increasing reports of children going missing from the foster care system and allegations of abuse within the system (Lopez, 2019). Additionally, sexual content has been found in children’s shows and cartoons, and there have been instances of children being encouraged to commit suicide by cartoons (Kleinman, 2017). Family courts are another area of concern, as they have been accused of violating the civil rights of citizens, particularly in cases related to child custody and support (Gelles, 2018). In many instances, family courts have been accused of working with legal professionals and the government to make money by taking children away from their parents, even in cases where there is no legitimate reason to do so (Ryan, 2021). One of the most troubling aspects of this issue is the fact that it is often ignored or overlooked by many individuals. Despite the gravity of these issues, they do not receive the same level of attention as other problems in society. 

This lack of awareness can allow these problems to persist and worsen over time. Furthermore, this issue is compounded by the fact that there is a growing division in American society, not just along racial lines, but also along lines of gender and political affiliation. This division has led to a breakdown in communication and an inability to address critical issues in a meaningful way, including those related to child welfare and family courts (Chen, 2020). It is crucial that we as a society take action to address these issues and protect the rights of all Americans. 

This includes advocating for transparency and accountability in government, reforming the child welfare system, and ensuring that family courts are fair and just for all parties involved (Hodges, 2020). In conclusion, the greatest evil in America is the systematic violation of citizens’ rights and the lack of attention paid to critical issues such as voting fraud, child welfare, and family court abuse. It is up to all of us to recognize and address these problems and work towards a society that truly upholds the values of freedom and justice for all.


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