Stainless Steel Straps Of Huawei Band6

Stainless Steel Straps Of Huawei Band6

Everyone wants something extraordinary. That can be elated to all the parts of life, in-office you want more free time, at home, you want care and rest but when you want to buy a product you want something that is more special than other.

Here are going to give you the best and most extraordinary product. The stainless steel straps of Huawei band 6. Yes, it is something more than you expect. If you want to explore more about this Huawei band6 and the specifications of its straps click on the link.

In this article, we are going to give you all the popper information about Huawei band 6 and its stainless steel strap. If you want to know all the extraordinary strap’s essential features, go through this article.

Over View of  Stainless Steel Strap

If you want a professional look and your old strap of Huawei band6 is broken. Don’t worry replaces it with our new, stylish, and modern-looking strap. That is stainless straps for Huawei band 6. Its attractive look easily fits your everyday outfit. You can easily replace it according to your daily wear.

So let’s check out all of its features and specification you have an overview of these classy and trendy straps of Huawei band 6 to give your palm a present feeling of confidence

Features Of Stainless Steel Strap

Following are the features of the stainless strap of Huawei band 6.

Stainless Steel Material

It is made up of stainless steel to give a perfect look without any dirt and stains on your palm. Its premium stainless steel is not going to break or become stay after so many uses. So use as much time as you want.

Attractive Looks

It has an outstanding attractive look to make you feel confident. The silicon straps of  Huawei band 6 are good in material but the quality and design of these stainless steel straps are unmatchable. because they give you an attractive look with a modern touch.

Install And Remove

Like the silicone straps of Huawei band 6, these straps are also very easy to install and remove. The process of removing and installing these straps are same as silicon straps.

Adjustable Size

It is adjustable according to t your palm size because it has almost 165-210mm wrist size to adjust accordingly. So don’t worry about the adjustments

Eye-Catching Colors

It is available in different colors to make your outfit compatible with this stylish watch following colors are available for the stainless steel watch.

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Rose gold
  • Premium silver

Specifications Of Stainless Steel Strap

After reading the stunning features of this smartwatch’s strap let’s move to words the specification. Its specifications include:

  • The length of the strap is almost 185mm
  • The width of the strap is almost 16mm
  • The calculated weight is 84g


These stainless steel straps are compatible with Huawei band 6 and honor  Huawei band 6


The overall features and specifications that are given in this article are related to the stainless steel straps of the Huawei band. These straps are considered as the point of modern look and stylish appearance. So if you want to look attractive and want to make your palm lavish wear the Huawei band 6 with these straps.

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