Significant Applications of Math in Real Life

Mathematics plays an important role in different tasks of our lives. Mathematics is widely used across the world in various operations and has a large number of applications.

Do you know the applications of math in the real world?

If no, do not need to worry about that; we are here to guide you. 

In this blog, we are going to explore some significant applications of math. In addition we will discuss how different mathematical concepts are applied in different fields such as probability in weather forecasting, percentage, ratio, proportion in comparing two things, interest, rate, principle in banking, budget making in finance etc.

Just by saying that maths is a difficult subject, we cannot deny the contribution of mathematics in numerous fields. On one hand, it is a complex field; on the other hand, it seems interesting for some students. The reason that lies between their thoughts is basic concepts. If the basics of mathematics are clear in one’s mind, it sounds easy for them; otherwise, it is a hard nut to crack.

Applications of Math in real life

Below are some significant applications of mathematics that play a vital role in our daily lives.

Writing and Literature

Do you know the arithmetics equations are helpful for the students in order to understand poetry lines better?


Yes, this is true. Mathematics calculations are involved in the number of words, the meter of poetry in one line, and the influence of the poem on the readers or listener.

Moreover, maths helps in writing student’s school and college assignments. Such as calculating the reading time of an assignment, time to spend writing one paragraph of the assignment, etc.

Science and Engineering

In many areas, science and mathematics work with each other such as physics equations and derivations, chemistry experiments, and astronomy. So those students who do not know about data interpretation or other arithmetics concepts find it difficult to understand scientific charts and graphs.

In chemistry, it requires a great understanding of algebra, calculus, and geometry to solve chemistry problems.

Apart from this, mathematics is also equally important for engineering studies such as computer science, electronics studies, etc. Students need to solve different math equations when writing programs and algorithms, demanding the basic knowledge of mathematics.

Kitchen Chores

It is another instance of applications of math in our daily life. For cooking, we should know how much wheat flour we have to knead to make a dough, how many spices we need to add in a vegetable and in what amount, how many chapatis we need to bake for the family members. All these calculations use ratio and proportion concepts.

For example, you are making milk and rice pudding on any special occasion; you will add ingredients in the form of the fraction such as 1/2 bowl of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom powder, 4 glasses of milk, 3/4 bowl of cracked almond raisins, and 1/2 bowl of rice etc. 

Online and Offline Shopping

It does not matter whether you are shopping online or offline; you should know what to choose and how. Suppose you want to purchase a study table from the market or online; the first thing you can do is compare the price of the study table in respect to both places with the help of mathematics. 

Other than that, you should know how much weight it can bear, its warranty, quality of the product, additional benefits or offers. All these calculations you can do with the help of basic mathematics operations. In the case of online shopping, you can compare the products with other brands or platforms to get the best thing at the best prices.

Weather Forecasting

Isn’t it easy to check the weather of any place with the help of our mobiles?

Definitely yes, it is just because of weather forecasting. We can predict the weather of a specific place in advance with the help of mathematics and statistics measurements. Mathematics concepts of probability are used widely in predicting the weather, and natural disasters such as earthquake, Tsunami, cyclone, drought, flood in advance. 

The meteorological department alerts the people about the happening in advance so that they can save lives. Let’s take it more simply, suppose you are planning to go to a hill station to enjoy your vacation with your family; you can check the weather conditions of that place.

 If the weather conditions are clear, you can go and enjoy yourself. But if it is heavily raining over there, it would be good to cancel your trip in order to avoid any mishap such as soil erosion, cloudburst etc.

Other applications of math

Crime prediction

Alien life 

Data analysis

Wildfire Modeling

Carbon dating

Space observation

Computer Games



Public Transport


In this blog we have explored some significant applications of math in real life. Although the list of mathematics applications is very long and it is not possible to discuss them at once. In simple words we can say that mathematical applications are used from our home to our work stations.

I hope you will find this blog helpful for you in order to understand the applications of mathematics in different areas of our lives. The truth is we can imagine our life without mathematics. We use mathematics daily through different activities and operations either at home or office.

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