Shenling’s Innovative Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Solutions

Presenting its state-of-the-art R290 DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump, which is intended primarily for commercial use, is Shenling. Shenling provides dependable heating solutions that prioritize energy savings and excellent performance to businesses. The company places a strong emphasis on efficiency, flexibility, and intelligent integration capabilities.

Space-Saving Design

Shenling‘s R290 air source heat pump boasts a single fan and compact design, reducing the floor space requirement and increasing installation flexibility. This space-efficient unit is ideal for commercial settings where maximizing space utilization is essential.

Smart Grid Integration and Intelligent Defrosting

The Shenling R290 air source heat pump commercial features smart grid integration technology, allowing it to adjust operations based on electricity prices. Additionally, intelligent defrosting capabilities optimize energy consumption in low-temperature environments, minimizing energy waste and ensuring efficient operation.


Shenling’s R290 DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump for commercial use offers a space-saving design, smart grid integration, intelligent defrosting, and anti-freeze protection mechanisms. With Shenling’s innovative solutions, businesses can benefit from efficient heating systems tailored to their specific needs, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness in commercial environments.


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