Music marketing tips in 2022 - Tips from the experienced marketers

Music marketing tips in 2022 – Tips from the experienced marketers

Today we will talk about the easy hacks for the music industry and which you can implement in your daily marketing campaigns.

Patreon – It’s a kind of crowdfunding platform that allows your fans to stimulate your activity with small but monthly payments. It is unlikely to be able to seriously help in the promotion of music, but do not underestimate Patreon – with its help you will be able to establish closer contacts with the audience you already have and better position them to buy your work. A good move would be to produce unique content or perks that are only available to your “patrons” – well-wishers who transfer money.

Apple music – You can start promoting your tracks through Apple music. Keep in mind that iPhones have Apple music and there are millions of users around teh globe. IT means that reach could be big. You need to buy real apple music streams from a trusted source and get started with the marketing campaign to have a higher reach.

Telegram channels – Telegram is a rapidly developing platform that has not yet been mastered by musicians. Despite the fact that Telegram is mainly a messenger, there are quite popular channels in it, aimed at almost any area, including music. You can, for example, offer your album for review to the author of the channel, play all kinds of bonuses among channel subscribers, attract a new audience, and ensure recognition of your team.

These resources are a very short list of what your potential pool of promotion services could be. Depending on certain tasks, there may be more or fewer such resources; you should also evaluate the effectiveness of each of them, adapting to your project.

Negotiate with YouTube bloggers – Video content is gaining momentum, so in addition to producing videos of your group’s activities yourself, you should consider the possibility of your participation in a particular YouTube show.

It can be just an advertisement or a full-fledged interview; the status of an invited guest, a small mention or the role of the hero of the program. But do not despair: it is better to pay attention to those who make widescreen content, then the coverage will be as wide as possible, and you will find your target audience more easily.

Hire a content manager – It can be just a friend of one of the band members or a fan who would be interested in diving deeper into the life of their favorite team. Let them take pictures of you anytime, anywhere – it’s very useful when you have the opportunity to choose what to post. Plus, some of the unpublished material may later be included in a film that loyal fans will make about your band.

The promotion of a musical group is such a multifaceted and complex process that for its successful organization, many popular artists hire entire agencies involved in promotion and PR on the Internet. Try to use the described resources wisely, and you will see how your fan base has expanded significantly.

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