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Cricket is still a relatively poorly known sport, but it has the same betting volume as baseball or handball. More than one billion people live in India and are watching live cricket online. In addition, this discipline is popular in Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand.  Here on our portal you can find both excellent cricket live lines and various cryptocurrencies: they will make your financial transactions instant, and you won’t pay any commissions. Moreover, these modern payment systems are completely anonymous. Cricket betting website –

The cricket game is a competition between two teams with 11 people in each one. The competition takes place on an ellipse grass field, where players take turns hitting the ball with the bat, trying to get the maximum number of points, while their opponents try to stop them.  Leading roles in the team are performed by the bowler and the batsman.  The cricket’s style of play and its rules are a bit similar to baseball.

Live Cricket Betting

This is one of those sports, where professional bettors prefer to watch live cricket online and play in live mode. Due to the fact, that the matches are quite long, bettors can take their time to make the necessary decisions. However, the main feature is that you need to be extremely attentive, since the weather conditions can change quickly, and they affect the course of the live cricket match. Bilbet cricket betting –

Since live cricket matches were originally played on the basis of mutual agreements between the players regarding the format, pitch, length and other aspects, it was extremely difficult for the unfamiliar player to make any bet. Over time, cricket became professional, but the problem of the rules remained at the same level. If you want to do live cricket betting, then you need to know in advance how many innings the teams will play: usually the winner is determined by the results of one or two matches.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

  • Innings can be time-limited, so you have to be careful here, as well: for example, the regulations often affect the success of total bets. Some teams may perform well in the shortest possible one-inning games, while others need more time to establish their advantage. As a rule, teams with a more deep and balanced roster prefer to play on the long run, and teams, that have strong core players prefer to finish the game as quickly as possible.
  • When betting on live cricket, you need to remember, that it is a very long game.  Athletes can get tired and lose their condition by the end of the game. That is why, it is important to follow the dynamics of the match and the live odds. The longer the game lasts, the more chances you have of making a good bet. When it comes to live cricket, the events are often lasting several days, so the cricket betting line is more extensive, than in the pre-match.
  • You also need to keep the results of the coin toss in mind. It is much easier for teams to start the game from the offensive position, which can significantly affect the result of the game.
  • Weather is an important factor, that greatly affects the game.  Cricket is not played, when it rains, so players have extra time to train. Therefore, it is important to consider the weather conditions to approximately predict your bet on live cricket.
  • The location of the match also affects the game.  You must also take into account the air humidity. In dry climates, the ball flies much faster, which makes the game more dynamic and unpredictable.
  • It is worth keeping a close eye on the form of your players and their motivation. If the stronger team does not need the victory, you can bet on the victory of the opponent and get a good profit. To predict this, one should closely follow the news and games of the teams.
  • When matches are extended to five days, the main role is given to stamina, instead of technique and tactics. Teams and players’ shape affects the result, so be sure to check the stats of each individual player and the team as a whole. Additionally, the weather can change during this time and change the results.
  • Competitions have different formats with different rules and durations. When betting on live cricket, consider what type of matches the team plays.
  • Keep in mind the fatigue of the teams, analyze the motivation of the opponents and check the weather forecast.
  • Surprising results in live cricket games are very common, so the outsiders in this sport are usually given low odds. The best idea in a live cricket match is to use a betting strategy on almost equal opponents.

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