Live betting insurance: what it is, how it works and when to use it

Made a bet and realized you made a mistake? There is a way out. And not even one. Even the most experienced players occasionally make unsuccessful bets. What to do if the match is not going well, but you don’t want to lose all your money? Today let’s look at the main ways of betting insurance in live betting.

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What is in-play sports betting

In-play sports betting is defined as playing at a bookmaker’s office in real time. Unlike the pre-match, the player bets during the encounter and not before it has begun.

The bettor’s goal when placing a live betting line is not to miss an important moment, to quickly calculate the probability and place an updated odds on the site. The bettor will also keep an eye on what is going on, hoping to take advantage of an operator error or wait for the best possible moment to place a bet on the best terms.

Remember, it is only safe to bet with legal bookmakers, this will keep you safe from foul play. Offshore bookmakers are not subject to the laws of the Russian Federation and may not allow the bettor to withdraw his honestly earned winnings.

What is betting insurance and when is it used?

It is not difficult to make a bet in live betting. A in-play bet is made according to the same principles as a pre-match bet. The player selects an event on the bookmaker’s site, places a bet on a particular outcome and decides the amount to bet. Depending on the outcome, he wins or loses the full amount of money. These are the two main totals, but there is a third.

Nobody wants to lose the whole bet amount. This is the reason for the emergence of various insurance policies. They allow you to minimise your financial losses if you lose. To do this, the player can use a special service in a bookmaker’s office or reduce the costs himself with a special gambling strategy.

Bookmakers insure only single and multi bets; there are no restrictions on types of sport. The service does not cover multi bets or systems. The time of placing a bet does not matter – the player can insure the bet before the game starts, although in the vast majority of cases this takes place in live betting. The bet is insured at the moment the respective application is processed by the client.

Why can the bookmaker refuse to insure a sports bet?

In some cases, the operator may refuse to insure a client. This usually happens for two reasons:

  • Technical failure in the system during peak player activity;
  • Minimal probability of winning the initial bet. Such situations include bets with odds of 15.0-20.0 and above. This restriction applies to both single bets and multi bets.
  • This service is not available at all bookmakers. If you expect to insure bets, you need to choose the office seriously. You can study the rules of the betting provider or ask the technical support team if the insurance function is available.

Three ways to insure a bet in live betting

There are three ways to insure a bet: classical insurance, hedging and betting withdrawal (cashout).

What is classic insurance in sports betting

Classic insurance gives the possibility to insure the bet fully or partly. It is a paid service and the price depends on the odds and the probability of the outcome.

You can buy the insurance for single bets and parlays. Other bets are not covered.

If the bet fails, the player will receive a refund for the part of the bet that was insured.

What is hedging a bet, what is the meaning of hedging?

The term originated in finance, then was used by casino fans, and then made its way to the world of betting.

Hedging is the reduction of risk by opening trades on opposite markets. It is also reflected in the possible profits, which are reduced. In betting, the principle is the same: you have to wait for an opportunity and outbid the original outcome on favourable terms.


Remember that if you overuse each of the three methods discussed, you will find yourself at a disadvantage over the distance. After all, you pay margin twice: when you make a bet and a second action, whether it is insuring the bet, redeeming it or making a second bet.

Experienced gamblers recommend using betting insurance on a spot basis; if used sparingly and wisely, it will have a positive effect on the bank.

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