How to Select a Supplier of COVID-19 Test Kits

Sansure provides in vitro diagnostics services, and its COVID-19 test kits are supplied worldwide. Additionally, this article offers some useful advice on how to pick the best COVID-19 test kit supplier for your requirements.

The Function of the COVID-19 Test Kit

1) PCR – This technique can identify specific genetic sequences using coronavirus sample materials. It is a recommended instrument for spotting low concentrations of viruses due to its susceptibility and specificity. PCR can also reveal whether a person has contracted a certain virus strain.

2) RT-PCR – This technique makes copies of viral RNA using reverse transcriptase and polymerase. Although less sensitive than PCR, it can be used to verify a diagnosis or monitor the spread of a specific coronavirus strain.

3) ELISA – This assay employs antibodies to find particular proteins in samples of COVID-19. Although it is less sensitive than other tests, it can still be useful to identify persons who have numerous virus strains in their system.

How Do I Pick a Supplier of COVID-19 Test Kits?

Look into the provider’s background with COVID-19 testing beforehand. They should have a lot of expertise in identifying and monitoring this virus’s breakouts. They should also be well-stocked with coronavirus test kits and supplies and able to give you prompt and reliable findings.

Second, confirm that your chosen provider has a sizable stock of COVID-19 tests and supplies. This contains test kits, both new and secondhand, as well as equipment like incubators and centrifuges. It’s crucial to have a wide selection so you may select the test kit that best suits your requirements.

Lastly, be sure to inquire about the credentials and certificates of your preferred supplier. The ISO 9001 certification and other pertinent accreditations fall under this category. Having these certificates will guarantee the dependability and consistency of your data.


Are you trying to find a trustworthy vendor for COVID-19 test kits? If so, Sansure Biotech is a company you should look into. We provide many test kit alternatives to suit your requirements.

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