How To Perform Fake Followers Audit?

How To Perform Fake Followers Audit?

Summary: Before you hire an influencer for marketing your brand on social media, you should check whether the influencer has real followers.

The biggest problem with influencer marketing is doing a Fake Followers Audit. How would you filter fans of a YouTuber who claims to have millions of subscribers? Since it isn’t possible to check every subscriber, you will have to rely on the numbers claimed by the YouTuber and look for other ways to determine his reliability.

What are fake followers?

Social media enthusiasts claim large followings to prove their acceptance. In the enthusiasm to show their influence over social media users, they sometimes cross the ethical line. They start adding creating accounts with different names and subscribe to their profiles to increase the number of their followers. It helps them get business offers from big brands that join hands only with key people with large followings.

If you are looking for an influencer marketing affiliation, you should be careful about the inflated followings by YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTok stars, and everyone who claims to be a key person on social media.

For example, you want to join hands with a beauty expert to highlight your beauty brand in the market. You find a beautician who claims to have a following of over a million people. And they could be your potential customers. Also, the expert gives a mouthwatering offer to start your social media marketing campaigns. But you should check the authenticity of the numbers presented by the expert before accepting her offer.

Who can help in influencer marketing?

Undoubtedly, it is an advertising agency that can perform a fake followers audit of every YouTuber, Instagrammer, and expert before recommending his name for affiliation. The agency will prepare an extensive database of social media experts and allow you to choose key persons for your brand marketing from its database.

Also, the agency will help by providing you with a user-friendly dashboard to manage your campaigns. It will be an added advantage of joining hands with an influencer agency. The dashboard would show experts matching your needs and their details like follower count, engagement rate, and charges.

Influencer Marketing Affiliation can take your business to the next level where you can give a tough fight to your competitors. The involvement of influencers would boost your brand presence and its acceptability. But you need to find reliable influencers.

Take the help of an influencer agency in locating the right persons that can give expected results and more value for your money. With dashboard, you will get total control of your marketing campaigns

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