How To Make Your Wig A Little More natural With Spray Dye

You are not new to cutting your own hair or dyeing your hair at home if you enjoy expressing yourself through diverse stunning hairstyles and experimenting with exciting colors. However, your natural hair requires a break, which is why many women choose wigs.

Synthetic and human hair wigs can both be colored and styled to your preference. The issue is that wigs are pretty costly. So, if you’re unsure how to color your HD full lace wigs or any other wig, this blog will assist you.

Take a look at how you can dye your wigs in a few different ways. 

Spray Dye Technique 

Spray dye technique for wigs 

Spray dyeing your HD wigs is the quickest way to achieve a beautiful colored look. It is the best way to experiment with colors and achieve fast results, and spray dyes are not permanent! How great is that? Regardless of which color you wear, these colors will rinse out when you wash your wigs. This method allows you to experiment with trends without the commitment.

How To Use Spray Dye?

Now that you know what a temporary hair color spray is, you probably want to know how to use one. That is what this blog is for. To make your hair a temporary color change, follow these simple procedures.

Step 1: Choose Your Colors 

Spray dye allows you to get one or multiple colors to your wigs. It is advised that you get colors or colors that suit skin tone unless you are dyeing your wigs for cosplay. 

If you are going for multiple colors, then get dye hues that will blend seamlessly. There are a ton of coloring styles you can choose from, i.e., peek-a-boo hair, ombre, and balayage style. 

Step 2: Put The Wig On A Stand

Putting your HD full lace wigs on wig stands because this way, you can dye more wigs. Also, wig stands allow you to move around the units, which you wouldn’t be able to do if you spray dye a wig after installing it. 

Step 3: Shake And Prepare To Spray 

Shake the dye well before spraying it. Hold the spray four inches away from the wig. Ensure the wig is dry before applying the spray; otherwise, the colors will simply run out.

Spray the temporary dye in sections and use a comb to distribute the colors on wigs. The amount of dye depends on whether you are going for the full-colored look or an ombre style. 

Step 4: Style The Way You Want

Let the color sit for a while to dry, and style the wig as you wish.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas 

There are many looks that you can create. Here are a few temporary hair color ideas that are easily achievable with spray dye while making them look realistic.

 Rainbow Colors 

Stunning rainbow-colored curls

There are no rules for spray dyeing your hair, and rainbow colors are fun & bold. 

Silver Ombre 

Silver ombre with curls

Silver is one of the most prominent color trends. The contrasting dark roots with silver will go together really well. 

Faux Highlights 

Accentuate the coils with highlights 

Who doesn’t love the look of highlights? The spray dye method allows you to achieve gorgeous highlighted looks without bleaching your HD lace wigs

Ways To Style Your Hair Post-Spray Dye

Flaunting a temporary hair color provides a perfect opportunity to achieve beautiful hairstyles with wigs. 

You don’t even need to heat style these looks because there is a hairstyle for different textured HD wigs

Beach Waves 

Beach waves 

Beach waves are a great look to wear after spray dyeing your wig. Use a texturizing hair spray to accentuate the waves. Scrunch the product and let it air dry. This is an effortless and heatless hairstyle that will make heads turn!

Voluminous Curls

Voluminous curls  

If you are working with curly and heavily textured wigs, you don’t need to do much. Apply a lightweight curl enhancer or hair mousse to your wig. The hair mousse will add body, provide heat protection, and has a stronghold. Shake well before you apply, scrunch the product, and let it air dry. 

Sleek And Straight 

Sleek and straight with spray dye highlights 

Straight-textured HD wigs are easy because you don’t really need to style them. Make your straight wig stand out in the crowd by wearing it as it is, or you can go the effortless route by creating heatless subtle waves. Add definition and body by scrunching lightweight hair product. 

Permanent Coloring Technique 

Permanent coloring technique 

Now, if you are looking for a permanent coloring technique, then follow the steps mentioned below. Get your coloring products ready and achieve the hair color of your dreams through wigs. 

Step 1: Wash The Wig

Wash the wig thoroughly to remove product build-ups. Wash it with a sulfate-free shampoo, and you can skip the conditioning. Air-dry the unit. 

Step 2: Secure The Wig 

Lay the wig on a solid surface; this will allow the color to be distributed evenly. Make sure to cover the surface with plastic, so the color does not transfer and ruin the surface. 

Step 3: Mix The Colors

Wear a pair of disposable gloves and mix the color in a container. Follow the instructions provided. 

Step 4: Color The Wig 

Use a coloring brush to dye the wig. Cover each strand by moving the hair wig around. Avoid the knots at the base, and do not color the lace or the wigs’ cap. 

Distribute the dye throughout the wig with your hands. Another way to color the wig is by soaking it in the wig dye. Gently scoop the hair dye over the wig spread it the wig. 

Step 5: Let The Color Set

Wait half an hour or less than an hour to let the color set, or follow the instruction mentioned in the color pamphlet. 

The myth that color will last longer if it’s kept for longer is incorrect. 

Step 6: Wash The Wig

Pick the wig up and get ready to wash it. Rinse the color out under cold water until the water runs clear. Once the wig is washed, use the after-color conditioner on the wig and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Rinse the conditioner out with cold water.

Step 7: Dry The Wig

Put the newly dyed hair wig on a wig stand and remove excess water with a towel. Gently squeeze the hair with the towel and use a new towel if necessary. 

Detangle with care and let the wig air-dry overnight. 

As mentioned earlier, cutting and dyeing your hair is a great way to express and experiment with different looks. Still, it takes a toll on your natural hair. 

Your hair becomes dry, dull, and eventually damaged with frequent dyeing, which is why HD lace wigs are excellent products to achieve different looks.

Use the two coloring techniques mentioned above to get the look you have always dreamed of. 

However, it doesn’t stop there because you have to take proper care of your HD wigs after color treating them at home. Flaunt different looks with spray dye for a temporary colored look or use a hair dye to achieve permanently colored wigs.

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